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A fylgia (literally, "shadow soul"), or guardian spirit, is an animal spirit from the Spirit realm of the Shadow World. All people have one, although most never have communication with their fylgia. Some Rjurik are doomed to see their fylgia or its agents when they are in trouble or at an important crossroads of their fate choice. Some are experienced in dreams. The Seidhr are priests of Erik who concern themselves with the Spirit realm, and they learn how to speak with their fylgia, how to project their spirit into the Spirit realm, and may ultimately learn how to fight as a spirit. The fylgia is no mere spirit servant but a guide and adviser, eternal and not dependent upon their mortal ward. There is no connection between the power of a fylgia and that of its mortal. A respected and mighty king or druid might have a small mouse for a fylgia, while some charcoal burner wandering the forests could be protected by a fearsome, mighty bear. The kind of fylgia a person receives is normally in the temperament of the person, but this is not a firm rule.
As an inhabitant of the Spriit realm with a bond to a mortal, the fylgia can sense spiritual attacks on their human, such as curses and enchantments. The fylgia will rush to aid and defend their human, typically without the knowledge of the human.

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