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[top]Commerce and Production

This guild supplies leather and timber to anyone with coins to pay.
Actually it's been prospering selling goods to every faction involved in Rohrmarch's civil war.

[top]Centers of Trade

Rohrmarch is the only realm where the guild is active.


Frodrik Buchassen, a wealthy merchant, founded his own guild many years ago. He expanded and ruled 'till his death in 546 MR, just after the death of King Wilhem I. His son Frederick Buchassen, already in the inner circle of the guild's chain of command, became the new guildmaster.


The guild is at peace with the other one working in Rohrmarch, Steelbendens' Guilden.
Frederick Buchassen is looking suspiciously to Stormlord Seerbrand. He thinks their leader, Kurt Warkinde, to be involved in the death of his father Frodrik.

[top]Important Figures

Frederick Buchassen is the guildmaster.
He has inhereited the position at the death of his father, Frodrik Buchassen.

[top]Plots and Rumours

Many whisper that King Wilhelm I had secretly chosen Frodrik Buchassen as his heir's tutor. Frodrik died suddenly just after the king's death, and Kurt Warkinde is now PrinceOden's main advisor.
Many blame Kurt behind the death of Frodrik and the guildmeister believes it's true.

[top]Domain Holding Table

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