Free City of Endier

Founded by Laerya Endier, the city has become a major power in Anuire. However, it was not until Guilder Kalien ascended to the throne that it became the Free City of Endier, a safe haven for those who offended other rulers. Of course, Kalien is not above extraditing such criminals to other realms, so long as he is able to leverage favours and treaties out of the bargain.

The Free City of Endier caters to all sorts of merchants moving up and down the River Maesil, along the many roads that criss-cross the realm, and to those who have set up shop inside the city itself. Naturally, Kalien's guards and informants move about everywhere, making sure that he gets his due.

Though the city of Endier has its share of noble mansions, upper class neighbourhoods, and landless gentry, the most renowned areas are the seedy ones. No matter a person's tastes, they can usually find whatever satisfies them. There are houses of ill repute, dealers in questionable substances, purveyors of black market goods, and denizens of even darker mein. Rumour has it that they all answer to the regent of Endier, one way or another - either through the law or through commands enforced by underworld thugs.

Commanding a piece of land at the confluence of the Maesil and Tuor rivers, the Free City of Endier is one of the most strategic locations in all of Anuire. Kalien knows this fact well, and his ships and armies keep a close watch on his neighbours, ready to launch a pre-emptive strike should it prove necessary.

Finally, the Free City is protected by the massive Caer Endier, a level 6 castle whose construction began under Laerya Endier's reign and completed under Aethel Endier. The castle serves as the home of Guilder Kalien and his court.

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