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Note: The statistic blocks below are AD&D compliant, and need to be converted to [[BRCS]] (D&D 3.5) for use in a modern campaign.

[top]The Brenna bloodline

All scions of the Royal Family belong to this bloodline. The late goddess Brenna was in charge of commerce and fortune. Blooded members of the Oden family have manifested the ability to resist spells that magically restrain a character, to magically sense when their domain was under threat, and the ability to travel great distances along a road or trail in an instant.

The bloodmark of the Royal Family is a birthmark in the shape of a pair of scales, generally this is located along a character's right arm, but sometimes it has appeared on a cheek or across the chest. The DM may wish to give this ability to the PC regent automatically.

[top]Notable Citizens

[top]Andreas Kohl

Royal Chamberlain to the King of Rohrmarch, 5th-level Brecht ranger
S: 13, D: 11, C: 14, I: 12, W: 14, Ch: 11
AC: 10 (7), hp: 38, MV: 12, THAC0: 16
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 1d8
Bloodline: None
Equipment: Ring of Protection +1, studded leather armor, longsword, dagger, chamberlain's robe.
Typical dialog: "We Rohrs have fought too much and seen too much bloodshed to be cowed by force. Perhaps your majesty would like to consider a more subtle approach in reining in the dissenting noble families?"
Description: 6 feet; 200 lbs; age 51; short, light brown hair that is greying, full beard, gruff voice, rigid posture, controlled manner.

Background: Kohl was selected by Alaric to serve as the Royal Chamberlain, after the latter?s ascension to the throne. The two had served together in the Brothers of the Forest, a group formed by Alaric to protect the forests.
Kohl served as the voice of reason during the civil war and continues to do so for the new regent. Kohl recognizes that further violence would inflame tensions and would not resolve the civil war. While he believes that the violent actions by Kurt Warkinde must be countered by violence if necessary, he does not believe that an all-out war would resolve the conflict. Kohl prefers the carrot-and-stick approach. After the 'stick' of battle, the regent must be prepared to be magnanimous to the defeated to win over their allegiance.

In this, he is opposed by the Count of Edel and Frederick Buchassen who wish to see Prince Oden?s faction crushed without mercy. But even the opponents of Kohl admit respect for his cool-headed analysis and calm observations.
Maintaining his station as the Royal Chamberlain, it has been years since Kohl has had to don his armor and wield his sword. But if Castle Oden is ever attacked, the Royal Chamberlain is prepared to fight back.

[top]Pieter Edel III

Count of Edel, 7th-level Brecht fighter
S: 16, D: 10, C: 13, I: 11, W: 9, Ch: 13
AC: 3, hp: 51, MV: 12, THAC0: 14 (12)
No. Attacks: 3/2, Dmg: 1d8
Bloodline: Brenna, minor, 22
Blood abilities: Bloodmark (tattoo), Resistance (minor)
Equipment: Plate mail, long sword +2 (Trueblade), dagger, brooch of shielding (family heirloom)
Typical dialog: ''The civil war has done great damage to Rohrmarch. If we are lenient to these rebels, it will encourage another rebellion and that could be the end of our kingdom."
Description: 5 feet, 10 inches; 170 lbs; age 39; long black hair, clean shaven, tanned complexion, muscular build, forceful and confident manner.

Background: Edel became the count just before the civil war broke out six years ago. In his younger days, Edel left home to wander Brechtur and Anuire with an adventuring company known as the Red Sash Adventurers. With the company, Edel fought goblin tribes, hunted undead and rounded up bandits in the Iron Peaks and the Vicissitude Mountains.

His father's death and his ascension to the title turned him into a man who took his responsibilities seriously, perhaps to make up for his more carefree lifestyle in the past. Edel was very grateful to Alaric for rescuing his younger brothers after they were kidnapped by Oden.

During the civil war, Edel was an unwavering supporter of the King. Edel takes his responsibilities to protect the kingdom seriously and firmly believes that the rebellion must be utterly crushed to prevent another from ever occurring again in Rohrmarch. Edel is married, and has a one year-old son.

[top]Jan Osternord

Count of Osternord, 4th-level Brecht/Anuireanfighter
S: 14, D: 11, C: 17, I: 9, W: 12, Ch: 8
AC: 3, hp: 35, MV: 12, THAC0: 17
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 1d8
Bloodline: Brenna, tainted, 7
Blood ability: Bloodmark (tattoo)
Equipment: Plate mail, long sword, dagger
Typical dialog: "Err? well, I don't really think I have anything to say at this point, Your Majesty."
Description: 6 feet, 2 inches; 230 lbs; age 45; greying hair, goatee, lean build, halting, reticent manner

Background: Osternord's mixed heritage comes from his father having wedded a minor Anuirean noble from Rohrgaard. Since young, scions of the Osternords have served in expeditions to protect the province from the Gorgon's and the Vampire's minions. Jan was no exception. However, Osternord does not revel in combat and prefers to be entertained by music and plays. He joined Prince Oden's faction, as he believed that the younger, more energetic Oden, together with the Stormlord Seerbrand, would be more capable of defending Rohrmarch against its enemies. However, years of civil war have wearied Osternord and he has welcomed the ascension of the new king.

Despite his public acceptance of the regent as the new king, Osternord has to fight prejudice and suspicion, particularly from Count Edel, who continually calls for Osternord's holdings to be reduced or even better, totally stripped. Osternord has responded only weakly, not wishing to draw further attention to himself.

Osternord is slightly socially inept, being shy and reticent in social occasions. As such, he relies on his wife, Claudia Weinhandler, a minor Brecht noble from Müden, to act as host in their social functions. Urbane and witty, she has no problems rising to the occasion. Recently, he has indicated concern for his young son, who shows more romantic interest in men than in women.

[top]Delma Fussen

High Priestess of Haelyn's Warriors, 8th-level Brechtpriest of Haelyn
S: 12, D: 11, C: 12, I: 15, W: 17, Ch: 17
AC: 6, hp: 44, MV: 12, THAC0: 16
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 2d8
Bloodline: Anduiras, minor, 13
Blood abilities: Detect Lie, Battlewise
Equipment: Half Plate, broad sword, dagger
Typical dialog: "We must end this war quickly but we should not take harsh actions for the sake of expediency that may have repercussions on Rohrmarch in the future. Warkinde may have committed many sins but he is entitled to a fair trial under the eyes of Haelyn."
Description: 5 feet, 5 inches; 120 lbs; age 38; long aubern hair, green eyes, slim build, charming personality, carries herself with gravitas

Background: Fussen entered the priesthood at the age of eight and has not looked back since. She rose steadily through the ranks of the priesthood and was a popular choice to succeed the former high priest more than 10 years ago. In a realm surrounded by enemies, Fussen has strongly adopted the teachings of Haelyn that emphasize Haelyn's role as protector and defender against chaos and evil. She preaches a moderate message; that followers of Haelyn must uphold three simple tenets: honor with wisdom, justice with mercy and strength in peace. She is concerned that fanatical and extreme doctrines like that of the Stormlord Seerbrand would only lead Rohrs astray and fall into the hands of the Gorgon and others with similar diabolical plans.

Fussen decided to support Alaric out of conviction that Warkinde had to be stopped. She continues to support the new regent in this regard. Her command of priestly magic and her Battlewise ability were greatly appreciated by Alaric and she essentially served as de facto commander of the royal armies despite her lack of position in court. This has led to some grumblings from the noble families, which can be expected to grow louder as the threat from Warkinde diminishes.

Fussen's pleasant demeanor and attractive looks endears her to her flock and she has caught the hearts of many men as well. Priests of Haelyn are allowed to marry, although not all do so. She has not yet considered marriage, having placed her god first and is concentrating on serving him first and foremost.

[top]Kurt Warkinde

High Priest of the Stormlord Seerbrand, 3rd-level fighter/7th-level Brecht priest of Kirche
S: 18/86, D: 10, C: 15, I: 10, W: 16, Ch: 13
AC: 1, hp: 61, MV: 12, THAC0: 16
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 1d8
Bloodline: Brenna, great, 32
Blood abilities: Detect Illusion, Enhanced Sense, Charm Aura (major), Major Resistance (non-magical attacks)
Equipment: Field Plate +1 (Kirche's fortress), long sword of sharpness +1 (Blitzrand), dagger, Ring of the Ram
Typical dialog: "It is good for a kingdom to go to war every generation to keep its people strong."
Description: 6 feet, 1 inch; 230 lbs; age 41; short black hair, brown eyes, thin moustache, muscular build, stern, serious manner

Background: Warkinde started out as a mercenary serving in Massenmarch where he committed his fair share of atrocities in attacks against the people of Massenmarch and Treucht. At the age of 21, he claimed to have received an epiphany from Kirche and he joined the priesthood of the Stormlord Seerbrand. After five years, when the former high priest mysteriously died, Warkinde was found to have been invested in the post, above many who were more senior than him. Some of these priests were then accused by Warkinde of heresy and executed, the rest saw which way the wind was blowing and quickly fled.

As high priest, Warkinde?s energy for war became directed towards war for war's sake, claiming that as the god of battle, Kirche would have it no other way. Warkinde chafed under King Wilhelm's rule, who proved resistant to Warkinde's persuasion, even when Warkinde exercised his charm aura. Many suspect that King Wilhelm's blood abilities might have given him abilities to counter Warkinde?s charm aura, and thus managed to curb most of the latter's extreme policies. When the old king died, Warkinde saw an opportunity to manipulate the young and inexperienced Prince Oden, with fiery sermons of strength in war. Warkinde hoped that Oden would defeat Alaric and crown himself king, having made his own preparations to usurp Oden and assume the throne for himself in due course. With Oden under his spell, Warkinde was able to even send Rohr troops into Kiergard to "smite the evil awnshegh, for no enemy can stand against an army blessed by Kirche", as Warkinde put it. However, every expedition always ended in defeat against the Gorgon's forces.

Despite the defeat of Oden's faction, Warkinde remains undaunted. He has proven hard to kill in battle, using his skills, blood abilities and magical items to emerge unscathed again and again.

[top]Frederick Buchassen

Guildmaster of the Frodrik Forestannen, 5th-level Brecht guilder
S: 13, D: 18, C: 10, I: 15, W: 12, Ch: 13
AC: 6, hp: 21, MV: 12, THAC0: 18
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 1d4
Bloodline: Brenna, minor, 9
Blood ability: Animal Affinity
Equipment: dagger, decorative rings
Typical dialog: "No need to worry, Your Majesty. The forests of Rohrmarch are robust enough for us to increase logging activities without fear of deforestation for the next 10 years."
Description: 5 feet, 7 inches; 140 lbs; age 29; blond hair, brown eyes, clean shaven, slim build, casual manner

Background: The Buchassens have longed served the Kings of Rohrmarch as allies, and advisers. Frederick's father, Frodrik, had served as an adviser to King Wilhelm. King Wilhelm was to have appointed Frodrik to advise his son, Prince Oden, but Frodik died mysteriously and Warkinde then assumed that position. Many, including Frederick, believe that Warkinde had murdered Frodrik. A staunch opponent of Warkinde, Frederick constantly lobbies for a final offensive to siege Warkinde's fortress, Kettenblitz, and end the war.

Frederick works hard to keep the logging business going in the face of adverse weather, war, and the Vampire's machinations. A tireless man, he can be seen traversing the dangerous terrain in the northern provinces to monitor his holdings. Of course, he is also a careful man and ensures that he travels with armed guards on such trips.

[top]Siegfried Lessen

Guildmaster of the Steelbenders' Guilden, 2nd-level Brecht thief
S: 11, D: 18, C: 9, I: 13, W: 13, Ch: 15
AC: 6, hp: 8, MV: 12, THAC0: 20
No. Attacks: 1, Dmg: 1d4
Bloodline: Masela, major, 31
Blood abilities: Divine Wrath, Elemental Control
Equipment: dagger, leather armor, ring of invisibility (family heirloom)
Typical dialog: "This is good steel, I can smell it."
Description: 5 feet, 10 inches; 190 lbs; age 59; white hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, hunched posture, plump, genteel manner

Background: Lessen was born into a family of middle-class merchants, who eventually built a steel-working empire throughout Rohrmarch. Early on, Lessen was groomed to succeed the family business. In his teens, he rebelled, ran away to Binsada and fell into the wrong crowd, working as an armed robber in a thieves' guild. One day, a robbery went wrong resulting in the death of a notable merchant. As the city guards stormed the warehouse, Lessen's blood abilities were invoked. Burning in white-hot rage, he slew three city guards and caused a huge water elemental to rise from the sea and swamp the dock and the warehouse. Lessen managed to get away but vowed never to succumb to his horrifying blood abilities. Returning to Rohrmarch, he spent the rest of his life working in the Steelbenders' Guilden, eventually taking over the business when his father passed away.

Now advancing in years and much more mellow in personality, Lessen is concerned only with finding the best metals and processing them into weapons, or more prosaic items. He claims that he can determine the quality of steel by smell alone. No one knows if that is true, or if his uncanny ability to appraise steel comes from his long years of experience.

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