These two weapons are perfectly crafted scimitars with some unique qualities. They were created by Guilder the Mage, a powerful human wizard who vanished centuries ago (presumably into the Shadow World). The swords were named after the provinces of Flora and Fauna of Tuarhievel. Their creation was inspired by the beauty of the elven realms Guilder had once visited. The swords blades are perfectly matched except for the ancient runes inscribed on their blades (the names of the swords respectively). The blades are a pure silver and are free of any scratches and show no evidence of their hundreds of years of battle. The hilts' crossguards each contain two unknown gem that changes colors to match the dominant shade of the natural surroundings (green in a summer forest, brown in the fall, and white in a winter's snow, etc.). The sword's pommels are black and have various carvings of golden vines and leaves perfectly intertwined. Their scabbards bear various scenes of nature in all its seasons with borders matching the designs on the pommels.


The powers of Flora and Fauna are directly tied to the power of the land around them. They function in a similar manner to magical sources or ley lines. They have the ability to channel the power of mebhaighl through their blades. The amount of mebhaighl they channel is proportional to the strength of the mebhaighl in the surrounding area. The amount of mebhaighl that the swords can channel is equal to the rating of the source of the realm they are in divided by two (round up). This value is the bonus that the swords receive on their To-Hit and to Damage rolls.

For instance, if the swords are being wielded in the province of Serimset of Talinie where the magical source rating is 5. The wielder receives a +3 to Hit, a +3 to Damage for each scimitar. On the other hand let's say that the swords are wielded in the Imperial City of Anuire where the source rating is zero. Since there is no natural mebhaighl to channel the bonuses on the swords are zero and they function as masterwork weapons with a +1 bonus to Hit only. Similarly if the wielder happens to be in Rhuobhe (for whatever foolish reason) where the mebhaighl power is radiated from centuries old trees and the source rating is 9, the sword's receive a +5 to Hit and a +5 to Damage.
Note: the ability of the swords to channel mebhaighl is weakened if both swords are not wielded simultaneously. If only one sword is wielded all magical bonuses are halved to a minimum of a +1. The swords will radiate magic if detected with a strength that is appropriate for the amount of mebhaighl they are channeling.

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