Five Oaths of Service

The Five Oaths of Service are sworn by most Khinasi wizards early in their arcane career at the Temple of Rilni. The oaths are a major part of Khinasi culture and those that break them or refuse to swear by them are regarded as outcasts. It is quite common for oathbreakers to be hunted down and executed. They may plead for a right to a trial before their peers at the temple but their chances of victory are very slim.
The oaths are:
  • To obey the commands of the lawful ruler of the state.
  • To preserve and protect all knowledge.
  • Never to raise a hand against another mage sworn to the oaths, except as commanded by the liege in lawful war.
  • Never to use magic to raise or communicate with the dead.
  • To destroy any wielder of true magic who does not abide by these oaths.

An ancient and awesome power binds any mage taking the Five Oaths irrevocably. Once bound, mages find it near impossible to violate the oaths, even if they want to do so.

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