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Alignment: Lawful Good.


[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Fiery Dawn of Avani is devoted primarily to Avani as the Lady of Reason. Avani acknowledged as a goddess of order, but this is believed to stem from Reason. She is known as goddess of the sun, but this is not a focus of worship. The Fiery Dawn follows the teachings of the Ariyan Temple of Avani, and so is an advocate of the Ariyan School of doctrine. This school takes a more beneficent approach to Avani's word than other schools, regarding her word as preaching peace and prosperity through an orderly life of submission to truth and justice, leading to a rich, rewarding life.

However, unlike many other, more scholarly temples that adhere to Reason as their organizing principle, the Fiery Dawn believes that the Lady of Reason has given mankind reason, civilization, and order, and that her followers must then defend these gifts from those who would bring fear, barbarism, and chaos, who would in effect, steal reason from all people. As such, the Fiery Dawn is a militant temple sworn to defend what Avani has given. In this regard it can be seen as a successor of the Order of the Sun, which died out in the struggles against the rising tide of chaos that occurred in the aftermath of the Empire when awnsheghlien and humanoids tore down so many ancient Khinasi states.


In the late Empire and in the first centuries after the Empire, throughout the Zhaïnge Valley and the Docandragh the dominant faiths were various interpretations of Avani that emphasized scholarly and learned approaches to Avani, typified by the Medecian Way. But a significant number of followers of Avani preferred the Fiery Dawn of Avani, a temple with a much more militant posture in defense of the blessings bestowed by the grace of Avani.

However, in the years after the fall of the Empire, the eastern lands of Khinasi, especially the Zhaïnge Valley and Docandragh, saw the fall of many states to awnsheghlien and humanoids. In this climate, many of the more scholarly temples of Avani fell while the Fiery Dawn confronted these troubles and won followers.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

[top]Important Figures

The regent of the Fiery Dawn is given the title of Fadil, which is a statement of respect for one so prominent. Traditionally, there are five servants of the Fadil, known as Abd al-Fadil, one for Medec, now Kozlovnyy; Djira, who is actually in Mesire today; Djafra; Khourane; and Min Dhousai.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Fiery Dawn of Avani
Dwarf's Deeping, Kozlovnyy (1/5)-FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Dzernin, Kozlovnyy (2/5)VN (1)FDA (1)Grd (1)-
Highvale, Kozlovnyy (2/5)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (1)-
Novgorik, Kozlovnyy (2/3)VN (1)FDA (2)Grd (2)-
Ras Medecin, Kozlovnyy (1/6)-FDA (1)NTG (1)-
Almein, Min Dhousai (2/7)KRD (2)FDA (1)DC (2)RM (5)
Ras Dheiredín, Min Dhousai (1/8)KRD (1)FDA (1)-RM (6)
Toure el-Fasil, Min Dhousai (5/4)KRD (5)FDA (2)DC (3)RM (4)
WSK (2)DRC (2)
West Ibnoume, Min Dhousai (1/8)KRD (1)FDA (1)DC (1)RM (6)
el-Deyír, Djafra (4/3)DC (2)FDA (3)DC (4)Cae (3)
MD (2)
Djafra, Djafra (7/0)BD (3)FDA (4)DML (5)BD (0)
DML (3)NTS (3)DC (1)
SOS (1)
Djin Belim, Djafra (1/8)MD (1)FDA (1)DC (1)Cae (7)
Nurida, Djafra (5/2)SN (3)FDA (2)SOS (4)Sir (2)
SOS (2)NTS (3)DML (1)
Qadal, Djafra (2/5)MD (2)FDA (2)DC (2)Sir (3)
Ras Dhoumaire, Djafra (3/6)DML (1)FDA (2)DML (1)BD (3)
Sahaïad, Djafra (2/5)DML (2)FDA (2)DML (2)BD (5)
Abbreviations: FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); VN=Vladimir Nikailov (Kozlovnyy); KRD=Kassim ibn Rami el-Dhousai (Min Dhousai); BD=Beshíd el-Djafara (Djafra); MD=Malik el-Djafara (Emir of Djafra); SN=Shalilah min Nurida (Bey of Nurida); TM=Temple of Might (Pyerun Chernevik); WSK=White Sword of Khirdai (Faroud min Gheirut; NTS=Nuridan Temple of Sarma (Rigel min Namal); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehál); DrC=Dragonsea Coster (Huseti Trosane); NTG=Northern Traders Guild (Sacha Kaptrev); Grd=Gradny Coster (Halimah el-Nasib); DML=Djafran Merchant League (Ousira bint Falih); SOS=Society of the Serpent (Darius Asparta); Cae=Caelcorwynn; RM=Royal Mages of Min Dhousai; Sir=Mour el-Sirad (el Sirad).

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