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Arms of FhileraeneArms of Fhileraene

Male Elf Fighter 7/ Wizard 7; CR 14
Prince of Tuarhievel
Lineage of Royalty
Great Bloodline of Reynir, 55
Neutral Medium Humanoid (Elf)

Init +0
Languages Sidhelien (native), Anuirean, Goblin

AC , touch , flatfooted
Fort + , Ref + , Will +

Speed ft
Melee Atk + (damage /critical, weapon)
Ranged + (damage /critical, weapon)
Base Atk + ; Grapple

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Special Qualities: including linked blood abilities
Description: , lbs
Italicize feats and abilities followed by a brief description


Typical Dialogue:


Fhileraene Llyrandor, by the grace of Reynir, Prince of Tuarhievel, Speaker for Llyrandor and Warden of the Thorn Throne, is an enigma to all around him. While he allows human merchants to to transport goods back and forth, he also holds court with the most hate-filled of the elves. Some have said that the Prince looks like his great-grandfather, Rhuobhe Manslayer, but it remains to be seen if the prince has inherited more than Rhuobhe's appearances.

The prince's mother, Queen Ibelcoris Llyrandor, was the granddaughter of the Manslayer. The bloodline of Fhileraene contains both the derivations of Reynir and Azrai, but that of the old druid god runs slightly stronger.

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