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Male Vos Barbarian 2 / Ranger 6 / Scion of Azrai 1; CR 9
Zhupan of Feyulfsky
known as The Red Wolf
Major Bloodline of Azrai, 24
CE Medium Humanoid

Edition note: in 2E Feyulf may be a level 9 berserker with ranger-like abilities, in 5E may be a level 9 berserker or a level 9 Path of the Beast.

HD/HP: 2d12+6d10+1d6+9 (74)
Init +5
Languages language

AC 14, touch 14, flatfooted 10, 15 (two weapons)
Fort +9 , Ref +10 , Will +4

Speed 45' ft
Melee Atk +12/+12 (2x +1 Handaxe, 1d6+4 each)
Ranged +10 (+1 Masterwork Composite long bow, 1d8+4)
Base Atk +8; Grapple +9

Abilities Str 17, Dex 20, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 11
Feats: (+2) Armor proficiency (light, medium), Dodge, Endurance, Weapon proficiency (simple, martial), Mobility, Shield proficiency, Two weapon fighting, Two weapon defense, Improved two weapon fighting
Skills: Climb +8, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (nature) +4, Hide +12, Listen +6, Move silently +12, Ride +9, Search +8, Spot +10, Survival +12, Swim +7, Warcraft +4
Special Qualities: Uncanny dodge, Track, Wild empathy, Fast movement, Rage, Animal companion (wolf), Favored enemy (humans, elves), Bloodform (Blood Sense - wolf-like face), Bloodform (Divine aura - enlarged body and fur), Bonus hit points*, Favored save (Reflex), Dark taint, Scion skill bonus (Reflex)
Note: Feyulf adds human and elves on his ranger's favored enemies list.

Description: A menacing berserker covered in fur, resembling an animal more than a man
  • Fangs, two +1 Hand axes;
  • Masterwork composite long bow and 24 arrows, self made;
  • A sharp knife;
  • Fur boots;
  • A cursed red necklace (see below);


Typical Dialogue:

"Tonight we hunt."

"I crave for you, War priest, but I can read you heart - you want to tame a beast. See what happens when you try."

"Does the wolf care about the sheep he feeds upon? he does. He protects his hunting grounds, and sees that sheep do not grow to much, as to disturb what is natural: we are predators, they are prey.".

"A wolf hunts the weakest, as it's natural. Marisha is too strong, right now, but as I grow stronger, she grows older, and weaker by the moment.".


Nobody remembers who Feyulf was before becoming Feyulf (/fɛ̃ʉlf/, wolf). Some legends say that he was a raider like many Vos, and killed some mysterious being at the borders between Molevof and the Mistmoor during a patrol. Other say that he was originally a wolf. Be it as it may, he retreated himself in Feyulfsky, and started living a primitive life like a wolf. The previous zhupan of the province tried to hunt him when rumors about cannibalism started to grow between the woodsmen, but neither he or his hunting party ever come back from the woods. Feyulf slowly rallied any brigand or escaped slave around himself, in the Verzberg mountain and formed what is now know as the pack, a group of predators and barbarians living like savages inside the halls of the mountain.

When Berhagen tried to invade Rzhlev around 520 MR, Feyulf and his barbarians gave hell to the enemy's troops, and that gained fame at the eyes of Tsar Rodel, who appointed him zhupan on the battlefield. Not that Feyulf ever administrate his realm. He strongly disliked politics and society in general, especially when Marisha Rodelovisk rose to power. However, when the tsarina showed her true strength via realm magic, the Red Wolf backed down, and bent the knee to the tsarina. Some part of him understood that his path was set towards becoming an awnshegh, not becoming Tsar.

His life took a turn when war priest of the Belinik Tsarevic Mara Ilyiasky tried to seduce him to use his strength to gain control over the church a few years later. She tried to send Feyulf as an assassin towards lesser nobles and opponents. This increased Feyulf's blood to the point that he developed the ability to sense blood, and became a scion hunter. Their alliance was short however, as Mara understood quickly that he was not under control, and that in a few years, when his transformation into an awnshegh will be complete, Feyulf will be a problem for the whole realm. Knowing this, Mara gave him a cursed necklace as a gift, that makes him feel stronger but in reality may stun him for a round similar to a Command spell when a word known only to Mara is pronounced in 60'.

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