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Firosk Slecktra is the wizard known as the Fell Speaker.

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Domain Table: Fell Speaker
Bratukhan, Lutkhovsky (2/7)SV (1)DoM (2)-FS (1)
Gortz, Lutkhovsky (3/6)SV (1)DoM (2)-FS (5)
SR (1)---
Blackspire, Sword Rust Tribes (2/7)TR (1)LS (1)-FS (7)
Bloodclaw, Sword Rust Tribes (2/7)LS (1)-FS (7)
Redfoot, Sword Rust Tribes (3/6)TR (3)LS (1)-FS (3)
Abbreviations: FS = Firosk Slecktra (Fell Speaker); To = Tolzimkur Redfoot (Sword Rust Tribes); LS = The Last Scream (Oneg Skuhlzek); DoM = Devastation of Maglubiyet (Thurag Blackscale).

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