Evuarr is a province in Rzhlev mostly covered in mountains which erupt in fjords and coves over the Dwarfhame, mountains that abruptly end in prosperous plains southeast in the center of the province. Unlike its neighbor province, Duarlavka, the mountains are mostly uninhabited, as most of the population lives in self-regulated farming communities in the plains. The province takes the name from the Evuarr family who took control of it by usurpation against the Czarny the black in 469 MR.

The difference between high and low class here is much more lenient as opposed to the predator/prey social class proposed by the zhupan, Victor Evuarr. A ruthless raider, he takes what he wants, and his tax collection resembles more a raid than bureaucracy. This has not however pushed the population to more violent form of defense, as it has happened in other provinces of Rhzlev, as both Brecht and Vos unified against "the old Vos ways", and thus revolted, with the help of Birgitta Jarlsbane and her companions. The result of this revolt was the murder of the local priests of Belinik and Birgitta destroying a source holding of the tsarina. A resemblance of order has been restored in winter 550 MR but the province is fermenting discontent and another rebellion may cost the zhupan his head and the tsarina his province.


The biggest settlement is the city of Abholstelle (/Av'olstəllə/), right in the middle of the province's coast. this ancient Brecht city was built around the harbor, where shipments of salt from Nyurskyy go to the Bay, or, more often, the raiders from the inland embark either to fight piracy or to raid their neighbors themselves. This has created an economy based on trading fish, grain and salt from the western mines, but also mercenary and adventurer work, as much as piracy. Markov Evuarr, brother of the zhupan, is the mayor. A former pirate, he started including trade along piracy in Abhostelle's economy after the first rebellion. Rumor is that this is the result of a secret conversion to the cult of Ayairda.

[top]Dead man's Gorge

Perhaps the most important site of the region, Dead Man's Gorge is an hidden docking bay inside the high cliffs of the western bay. It is said that in ancient times this is where the Company of the black spear landed from Grevesmühl in secret, to avoid being seen by the orogs. It has been used for centuries as a docking bay for smuggling, mostly refugees to escape Rzhlev, and was used in recent times by the Ayairda's Cleansing Home to smuggle adventurers inside the province as an help to oppose the Zhupan.


Czarny (IPA: /t͡ʂarnɨ/, ch-AYR-ni approx.), also known as The Black Hold, is an ancient imperial fort where the zhupan lives. Shields of all the Brecht families vanquished by the Evuarrs are planted in pikes for a couple hundred yards along the road that leads to the castle. This castle sports a permanent infantry garrison trained by Victor Evuarr himself, who takes great pride into his battle exploits. Although the walls lay now in ruin and are beyond repairing, providing no fortification whatsoever, the fort itself has been expanded. The ground floor is reserved for the military compound, whereas the upper floors are reserved for the nobles. No serf is allowed after the first floor, or in the second level of the dungeon, after the prisoner's jail, where an ancient treasure is rumored to be left there by Roele himself during the Anuirean Empire's conquest of Brechtür.

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