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Resources: Coke, copper, gems, mineral water from thermal spas, salt.
Population: 13,250


The coasts of Evershrüden are home to the vast majority of the population with only a few thousand hardy souls living deeper in the mountains. Evershruden is named for the near-constant mists that cloak the mountains; the moist air makes for good growing conditions and a number of small farms eke out a living in the province, most food however comes from the sea, or is imported from Blackruft.

Most of the population lives in villages along the coast but the province is also home too a number of small mining towns.

Evershruden traditionally answered to the Burgundy Tolsted, but recently Volse has cornered the market in imported foodstuffs and used that leverage to take far greater control over how the miners set prices and quality standards.

Evershruden is notoriously home to trolls, who live in caves deep in the mountains and constantly threaten the miners; the trolls are most likely few in actual number but they are far to dangerous for any villager to deal with and even noble hunting parties are often outmatched by a pair of trolls.


Two towns can be found in Evershruden standing just 6 miles apart. Alisse's Watch, home to 600 souls is found on the border with Blackruft; it is named after a long ago baroness who lived out her years waiting for the return of a lover lost at sea; whilst the stories are very picturesque the town itself is noted for the pronounced smell of dead fish which hangs in the mist and never seems to fade.

Stansburg is a quiet town of four or five hundred with an adequate harbor that turns into a raucous party town once a month when the miners return to re-supply and sell their produce.

Reports of the goings-on often scandalize the court of Danigau and the Count has repeatedly ordered Baroness Mellisande Neblinger to clamp down on the miners. Unfortunately for Danigau the Baroness needs the produce of the mines too much to take long term action against the miners and in any event rather idolizes the rough 'men of the mountains'.

The rugged nature of the miner's often leads to corruption and the Counts of Danigau have frequently had trouble imposing their will on the province, the coastal towns are fairly orderly but in the mountains the Count's arm reaches no further than the end of a sheriff?s fist, many of whom refuse to stray from the coast in any event.

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The Rubies Welcome is an infamous brothel/gaming den that has been run, under various owners for almost two centuries. It has been shut down a dozen times and burnt down twice, each time it was rebuilt by lonely miners looking for somewhere to spend their wealth. It is also noted for herbal remedies that are effective against many ills resulting in it officially being known as a house of healing, a polite fiction that allows the baroness to ignore its existence.

Red-river spa is a small village of just 150 permanent inhabitants high in the mountains that is noted for waters with healing properties. The water itself is barely drinkable due to the high mineral content but many visitors claim to have received miracle cures after bathing in the steamy spa waters.

Heated by some geothermal heat source the entire town is far warmer than one would expect for Danigau, and rarely sees snow. Many elderly Danigers retire to the town to enjoy the warmth and the waters, as do poets and other artists.

The river that runs through the town is usually very faintly tinged due to its high iron content but occasionally it runs bright red due to some subterranean activity. When this happens narcotic gases often steam from the river and those who drink from the river can be overcome by delirium; when the river runs red, locals know to stay indoors and seal their windows for the day or so that the gases take to disperse.

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