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1Rjkar Huntersone Ranger and two Warriors
2Nobleone noble with possible entourage
3Patrolone Fighter and two Warriors
4Animaldeer, elk, or moose
5Travelervarious; druid, skald, merchant
6Specialrare encounters
Encounters can include 3rd level characters, or as described, or can be altered to suit. This group might also be doubled if desired.
Rjkar Hunters - can also substitute Loddi or Fjrlaaf nomads as desired.
Noble - could be a single Noble 4 or above, or might include an entourage of 1d3+1 Aristocrats.
Patrol - could be the representatives of local law holdings, soldiers of a local military unit, or special officials on a mission.
Animal - good hunting!
Traveler - any of a number of uncommon Rjurik encounters, such as druid, skald, merchant, scholar, craftsman, or experts.
Special -

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