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Emirate of Djafra




GB Income
9 GB
RP Income
12 RP



The Emirate of Djafra is a vassal of Djafra. The Emir is charged with the defense and administration of his domain and with coming to the aid of the Sultan as necessary. The current Emir, Malik el-Djafara is a reform minded patriot who would see all of Djafra released from the grip of the guilds.

[top]Life and Society

The dominant power in much of Djafra are the guilds. In the Emirate of Djafra, Emir Malik el-Djafara considers the guilds far too powerful and a grave threat to Djafra. In the Emirate, a vassal of Djafra's Sultan, Emir Malik, seeks to contain the guilds into matters of trade and commerce, and retain the law for the state. Malik is aided by the fact that he forged an alliance with the Fiery Dawn of Avani. This means that the law is similar to many other states, authorizing nobles to establish courts to insure justice and order consistent with Avani's teaching. Only the city of Tall 'Afar is controlled by the guilds, where the law is overseen by merchants and concerned property and commerce.

[top]The Land

The Sanna River creates a valley with a forest-savanna mosaic that rises into montane forest in the Rain Serpent Mountains to the east and the Caeren Alwydd to the north west. The Sanna River flows into the el-Deyír River.


El-Deyír is the power base of the Emir, being the most populous and wealthy of his provinces as well as having the fortified city of Tall 'Afar at the north end of the Djafran Royal Road.

[top]Djin Belim



The Emirate of Djafra was formed when Sultan Mansur el-Djafara gave his brother, Hashim el-Djafara governorship of the north. Since then the Emir has been a vassal of the Sultan charged with the military defense and administration of Qadal, Djin Belim, and el-Deyír in the name of the Sultan.


The Emir owes 4 RP per realm turn to the Sultan, and is obligated to give gifts of gold as the Sultan has need. This amount is traditionally no greater than 4 GB, and is often less.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Emirate of Djafra
el-Deyír (4/3)MD (2)FDA (3)DC (4)Cae (3)
DC (2)
Djin Belim (1/8)MD (1)FDA (1)DC (1)Cae (7)
Qadal (2/5)MD (2)FDA (2)DC (2)Sir (3)
Abbreviations: MD=Malik el-Djafara (Emir of Djafra); FDA=Fiery Dawn of Avani (Jihal el-Arrat); DC=Docandragh Coster (Omar el-Rehál); Cae=Caelcorwynn; Sir=Mour el-Sirad (el Sirad).

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