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2, depending on the circle

Alignment: Neutral Good.
Status: Recommended

It is also possible to play the High Druid of a single realm, using only the GB and RP from the holdings of the Emerald Spiral in that realm. Of course, in this case the High Druid is not an independent regent, but the representative of the whole of the Emerald Spiral in that realm. Such a regent may be called on to undertake adventures or deliver GB or RP] for the needs of another realm as the Grand Druid directs.


Gretta Seligsdotter is old and wise, and discourages competition between the two temples of Erik while quietly looking down on the lack of tradition in the Oaken Grove. She also officially discourages conflict between nomadic and urban Rjurik, but does little to stop it when it does arise.

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The Emerald Spiral is the conservative wing of the worship of Erik. Members of the Spiral recall a golden age when the world was uncivilized and all men lived in harmony with nature. Other gods gave their people grains and taught them farming. When this knowledge came to the Rjurik, the pollution of the golden age began. Since then, the druids have struggled against the further corruption of the Rjurik way of life by outside influences.

The Emerald Spiral prefers to see chiefs of tribes advised and guided by druids. Where Rjurik have settled down, the Spiral sees the jarls and eorls as the successors of the chiefs, and resists the power of the kings. The Spiral has no use for any kind of guilds, for guilds engage in practices offensive to the memory of the golden age. The storage of wealth, the unequal distribution of wealth, the weakening of self-sufficiency by craft specialization, the pursuit of wealth above the care for nature, these all offend the Spiral. The druids teach that we should all take from the world only what we need to subsist. As such there is no storage. When we only have what we need, we have what our brothers and sisters have, and no one has more than any other. When nature comes before all other things, man is content to subsist, and let nature's glory reflect Erik's will unhindered by man.


The Emerald Spiral take its name from one of Erik's avatar forms, in which he appears as a majestic, towering pine rising out of a rocky tor.

[top]Major Centers of Worship

In Rjurik lands, the most famous stone circle dedicated to the worship of Erik is located in the southern hills of the province of Bjarkheim in Hogunmark. It is there that the High Druid of Hogunmark, Thorjak the Green, makes his home. Thorjak is revered throughout Rjurik lands for his wisdom and many seek him at the lovely grove where he lives.

Other important circles include that of Gretta Seligsdotter in the province of Aaldvaar in Jankaping. Although no real "administrative center" exists for the Emerald Spiral, the stone circle in Aaldvaar fulfills a similar function.

[top]Important NPCs

Gretta Seligsdotter, Grand Druid of the Emerald Spiral
Thorjak the Green, High Druid of Hogunmark
Rennir Olafsson, High Druid of Stjordvik
Kalla Hogby, High Druid of the Giantdowns
The Black Arrows of Jankaping were originally a company of scouts and archers drawn from among the rank of the followers of the Emerald Spiral

[top]Domain table

Domain Table: Emerald Spiral
Midjarna, Giantdowns (1/5)TW (1)ES (1)--
Vjelthelma, Giantdowns (1/5)TW (1)ES (1)--
Belik, Hjolvar (0/7)Uld (0)ES (0)--
Freikstaad, Hjolvar (0/7)Uld (0)ES (0)--
Hruthjik, Hjolvar (1/6)Uld (1)ES (1)Gut (1)-
Kopingdal, Hjolvar (4/3)Uld (2)ES (2)Uld (2)-
Vaaltrand, Hjolvar (0/7)-ES (0)--
Bjarkheim, Hogunmark (1/6)Fr (1)ES (1)Ulf (1)-
Djaalfund, Hogunmark (4/3)Yn (1)ES (1)Yn (1)-
Fjoltyr, Hogunmark (1/6)Ja (1)ES (1)Ja (1)-
Gundviir, Hogunmark (4/3)Fr (3)OE (1)Fr (3)-
ES (2)
Hjolgrun, Hogunmark (2/5)He (1)ES (2)He (2)-
Horvliik, Hogunmark (1/6)Fr (1)ES (1)In (1)-
Jarnborg, Hogunmark (0/7)-ES (0)--
Oelfrun, Hogunmark (0/7)-ES (0)Fr (0)-
Sjaruud, Hogunmark (1/4)Ro (1)ES (1)Ro (1)-
Aaldnjor, Jankaping (2/4)OCa (1)ES (2)Ol (2)-
WW (0)
Aaldvaar, Jankaping (2/5)Bj (1)ES (2)Bj (1)-
WW (0)WW (1)
Draaska, Jankaping (0/7)WW (0)ES (0)--
Froylaad, Jankaping (1/6)Um (1)ES (1)Um (1)-
Harlskaang, Jankaping (1/4)Al (1)ES (1)Al (1)-
Jokkajoen, Jankaping (1/4)Ke (1)ES (1)--
Rjutaffel, Jankaping (0/7)Ju (0)ES (0)--
Stangajord, Jankaping (2/3)Al (1)OE (1)Al (1)-
Bo (1)ES (2)Bo (1)
Dhovjiir, Kvigmar (1/6)-ES (1)Ulr (1)-
Kvigmarheim, Kvigmar (4/2)Ulr (2)ES (1)Ulr (2)-
Namverg, Stjordvik (2/3)Br (1)ES (1)JH (2)-
Udvika, Stjordvik (1/4)Dj (1)ES (1)JH (1)-
Darsruud, Svinik (1/4)Su (1)ES (1)Su (1)-
Leivika, Svinik (4/3)Hr (4)OE (3)JH (2)-
ES (1)Hr (2)
Abbreviations: TW = The Watch (Anneke Sturmdotter); ES = Emerald Spiral (Gretta Seligsdotter); Uld = Uldviik Varrigsson (Hjolvar); Gut = Guthvar Gunnersson ; Fr = Freila Yngvi (Hogunmark); Ulf = Ulfdan Torvaldson ; Yn = Kelda Yngvi ; Ja = Audun Jarvyll ; OE = Günther Brandt (Oaken Grove of Erik); He = Leidolf Heimdjor ; In = Ingdar Einarson ; Ro = Gunnbjorn Rolulf ; OCa = Olam Cuthbjortsson (Aaldnjor); WW = White Witch ; Ol = Olfjor Ylvarrik ; Bj = Bjark Eorpwaldsson; Um = Umvar; Al = Alnor Arsgrisson (Jankaping); Ke = Keliar; Ju = Jurik; Bo = Bori; Ulr = Ulrich (Kvigmar); Br = Brand Fyrisson; JH = Jan Hrustraad (Three Trees Traders); Dj = Djursund ; Su = Suthrim Suthrimsson ; Hr = Hruthvar Ansgarsson ;

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