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Eloéle of Mieres



holdings in Seaward are fortificated


Even if in Cerilia Eloéle is a lesser goddess, worshiped only by few, and small, groups of followers, her cult is strong in Mieres. Most of her flock is made by smugglers and pirates.

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The followers of Eloéle have built in Seaward a complex of buildings connected by underground passages. These twisting passages hide a number of rooms which serve as storage chambers for smuggled goods.



Not yet strong enough to challenge the Governor Arron Vaumel for control of the guilds of Mieres, the temple slowly expands its small secret network of informants, spies and assassins in preparation for an inevitable guild war against the governor.
A not so silent war, expecially in urbanized areas, has begun in the last years with the violent temple Vos of Mieres.

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