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[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The goddess Éla is the force that holds firm the walls between daylight world and the Shadow World. She assists her divine father Ruornil is the War Against the Shadow.


[top]Major Centers of Worship

The largest temple complex dedicated to Éla in all of Cerilia is located in Brechlen in Brechtür, the center of Éla?s Midnight Shadow. The Grotto of the Evening Star is a series of interconnected caves located beneath Founder's Tor in the wealthy district of the city. The temple purchased the land using a series of intermediaries, and began construction on the interior to suit their purposes. The principle area dedicated to the worship of the community, which is accessible only to full members of the church, is the Central Dome, an open air grotto that faces south. Natural hot springs running through the complex provides year-round warmth for worshipers. The caves beneath the Tor have numerous side passages that lead to hidden chambers where secretive priests conduct every more secret affairs on behalf of the Midnight Shadow.

Suppression of the Shadow - local temple to Éla in Saarmen

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