ehrshegh (n), ehrsheghlien (pl. n), IPA: /ɛɹʃˈeɪ/ , /ɛɹʃˈeɪlɪn/

"The Blood of Light" - those infused by the blood of the dead gods who opposed Azrai, more specifically, those who have achieved (in part or in full) a different form due to their divine blood. Pronounced air-SHAY, the plural is ehrsheghlien (pronounced air-SHAY-lin), the word is often italicised in print to indicate a word in a foreign language, in this case Sidhelien.
Ehrsheghlien are rare, partly because unlike the transformation of an awnshegh the transformation into an ehrshegh is usually voluntary and directed (to at least some degree) by the scion, and partly because the changing of one's form to reflect divine heritage is popularly associated with the involuntary warping of the flesh typical to the awnsheghlien, making the deliberate acceptance of the ehrsheghlien change socially unacceptable for most, despite the increased power that comes from physically reflecting the power of the gods surging in one's blood.
Not all ehrsheghlien transformations are however voluntary. The Paladin was said to have fused with her armor after a terrible battle against the Gorgon so badly battered the metal that it could not be removed to tend to her wounds; the Dolphin, once known to swim the seas of the Sea of Suns, was said to have been on a boat that sunk and was forced to accept the change or drown. Others simply found their souls so in tune with that of the old god that they changed involuntarily.

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