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Regents do not live forever.

Even if a regent comes from the immortal elven race or has special, magical abilities that keep them from aging, no adventuring regent truly expects to survive eternally. The life of the Cerilian regent can be measured more by its accomplishments than by its length.

This fact makes the regent's realm important to them. Not only does their domain proclaim their power and influence while they lives, but it becomes a form of immortality when they die. Most true regents desire immortality of this kind: to create a realm that lasts beyond the lifetime of its ruler is the ultimate goal of many kings and queens across Cerilia.

Most true regents hope to create or pass along dynasties to their heirs. Regents who cannot look beyond their own lives and rules seldom leave stable domains behind them. Their heirs and the nobles of the realm squabble over the regency, destroying much of what the regent built over their lifetime. Only a strong, secure dynasty can handle the passing of its head and the ascension of a new leader.


The most important thing a PC regent can do to begin a dynasty is to designate an heir. Usually, once a regent has established themselves, they start looking toward siring or selecting an heir to ensure the continuance of their line of rulership. While it might initially be a ceremonial role, the inheritance of the regency can be immediate upon their death.

[top]Cadet lines

The creation of a dynasty does not end with the appointment of an heir. True dynasties expand outward, influencing and perhaps controlling more than is apparent at first glance. A true dynasty starts with a family and a succession - but ends only when the branches of the family tree cannot stretch outward any further.

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