IPA Pronunciation: /Dərlaskə/
The banner of duarlavka

First region of the realm to be colonized, Duarlavka ( der-LAY-sk ) overlooks the Dwarfhame with steep cliffs and few quiet landing spots compared to the other provinces in the gulf. The province is full of mountains rich in minerals and ores, so it was heavy colonized by the dwarves when the first brecht exiles came. After the Great Earthquake, the dwarves started to retreat north, leaving the mines and their underground villages to the humans.

[top]The underground villages

The mountain mines were Glössevik's guild first goal. Most human villages leave on the western side, after the hills, beacuse they know that anybody who is not vos may be kidnapped and turned into a slave working in the mines.
One interesting exception is the village of Stoneburg (~600 pp), in the southwest part of the province. The village is one of the best examples of humans inhabiting ancient underground dwarven settlements. They pay their taxes and have agreed not to give shelter to any escaped slave, however they do not allow any royalty or vos inside the ancient bronze doors.

There are a few other old underground villages,but they were not really inhabited after being abandoned by the dwarves. The villages near the mines are often used as slave dormitories. Some say that Orogs still inhabit the mountains and are actively helping the guild maintain the workforce in line.

Stoneforge is an exception, as it was maintained by one of the last community of aboriginal dwarves. Sadly, they were enslaved by the guild and used as slaves to forge items and weapons for the zhupan'sarmy. This is one of the guild's darkest secrets: should this news reach Kallen Pickbiter's ear, war with Daikhar Zhigun would be unavoidable. Oin Stoneforge was the leader of the community but is now missing and no one knows if he's alive or well.

Barak Selinie is the Executioner of the province, and he often finds himself in Stoneburg ensuring no slave was hidden. His job is mostly to see that rebellious slaves are slaughtered in public so to instill fear into the other wartos, but he also helps anyone committing murder of killing a captor to become a pirate, as raiders are not common in this area.


Duarlavka is the biggest settlement and is located on the northwest horn of the province, right at the start of the dwarfhame. The port of Duar is famous for being one of the few examples of dwarven architecture outside the mountains. However, very little remains of such monument, just a couple of broken statues and a few marble plate there and there. The dock was abandoned during the third invasion, then rebuilt in the brecht way, then burned down when the vos invaded, then rebuilt again. Nowadays is used as a base for incursions to the north and for trading with the neighboring provinces of Grevensmühl.

Keldar Karlovisk is both the Mayor of Duarlavka, zhupan of the province, and representative of the guild. He acts as a middle man between the guild and the tsarina, cutting a fat piece for himself in the meanwhile. Of brecht origins, he thinks that the life of piracy is the best compromise between the vos and the brecht ways.

[top]The Sunken Tower

Built somewhat far from the town was the a stone lighthouse now known as the Sunken Tower, which the old brecht built with the help of the dwarves and was a blessed shrine of Neira. During the great earthquake, by a miracle of the goddess, the tower sunk intact into the ground, leaving only one level above the ground.

During her first years after her military service, tsarina Marisha Rodelovisk and a younger Brigitta Jarlsbane ventured under the tower, conquering a water elemental and a small colony of creatures worshipping The Kraken. As Marisha could felt the strong presence of mebhaighl inside the ancient place, she decided to see the tower as her new hold. Nowadays, the tsarina has refurbished the levels of summoned creatures bend to her will and uses the place for experiments and research on domain spells.

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