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Arms of DheraeneArms of Dheraene

Dheraene BhailieDheraene Bhailie

Female Anuirean Rogue 7

First Lieutenant of the Privy Council

Member of Bhailie family

Minor bloodline of Reynir, 24

Alignment Medium Humanoid

Each member of the politically powerful Privy Council, the Prince?s closest confidants, is a lieutenant in their own right. At the head of the Privy Council is the First Lieutenant, a powerful position currently held by Dheraene Bhailie. A descendent of the prominent Bhailie family, Dheraene sits at the Prince?s right hand during meetings of the Council and takes his place when he is absent. Serving as the Prince?s voice throughout the realm, the First Lieutenant must be obeyed, regardless of rank. To disobey the First Lieutenant is to disobey the Prince himself. Dheraene handles the bulk of the Prince?s foreign affairs and issues many of the day-to-day directives to the Prince?s other lieutenants. She plays politics like few others in Anuire. Of course, she has flaws like everyone else - she?s just more careful to hide them.

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