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The word destrier does not refer to a breed of horses, but to a class of horses given their training and preparation. These come from the finest and strongest of their breed that were selected to be warhorses. These horses are usually stallions, bred and raised since they were foals specifically for the needs of war. Destriers are the horses of knights, in full armor who charge into battle. They are also well suited to the joust, which is a form of training for that style of battle. Destriers have powerful hindquarters, able to easily coil and spring to stop, spin, turn or sprint forward. They also have a short back and well-muscled loin, strong bone, and a well-arched neck.
Destriers can be from any breed, and so represent the training to be a warhorse, whether a heavy horse, a light horse, a Pony, an Elven horse, or a Varsk. The special training of a destrier prepares a mount to fight on its own behalf and not just convey its rider into battle.
Other kinds of cavalry, in which the horse and rider are wearing lighter armor and combat is conducted more like a skirmish than a charge almost certainly prefer the use of a courser.
The destrier is specifically for use in battle or tournament; for everyday riding, a knight would use a palfrey, and his baggage is carried on a sumpter horse (or packhorse), or possibly in wagons.
Requirements: Strength 16+, Constitution 15+

A destrier must be strong enough to carry an armored rider through the course of a battle, and to be capable of fighting on its own while doing so.

[top]Class Features Table

Table: the Destrier
Base Fort Ref Will
Level Attack Bonus Save Save Save Special
1 st+1+0+2+0Bonus Battle Feat, Bonus Hit Die, +1 Initiative
4th+4+1+4+1Toughness Feat
5th+5+1+4+1Bonus Battle Feat
6th+6/+1+2+5+2Improved Threaten
9th+9/+4+3+6+3Bonus Battle Feat
10th+10/+5+3+7+3Toughness Feat

Bonus Battle Feat (Ex): Destriers may select any bonus feat with the Battle descriptor, including Dodge, Fearless, Fight in Harness, Improved Charge, Improved Initiative, Massive Blow, Mobility, Rear Kick, Safe Haven, and Toughness.

Bonus Hit Die (Ex): Destriers receive an extra d8 for Hit Points at 1st level.

Threaten (Ex): Destriers threaten a Critical Hit on a 19 or 20.

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