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Male Anuirean Expert 5; CR: x
Lineage of commoners
LN Medium humanoid

VP/WP x/x
Init +x
Languages Anuirean

AC ,
Fort +x, Ref +x, Will +x

Speed ft
Melee Atk
Base Atk

Abilities Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha.
'''Special Qualities:
Description: A slim youth with a keen eye and large hands, his hair is perpetually tousled.
Possessions: Masterwork tools gifted to him by his former master.
Typical Dialogue:
"Look I have never even heard of the Stone God you fools, I am no I an emissary of his!"
"My works are just dreams given form, spirits I see when I dream. There is no life to the carvings merely skill - I swear to such! Please let me go, what little wealth I have will be yours I swear."


Davin is a young woodcarver in Soniele. Davin has carved since a boy and is famed for his exotic wood-works, his art bedecks homes, shops and even temples across the province. Gaelin Thuried has begun courting the boy, offering to sponsor him in taking apprentices and arranging valuable commissions. In exchange the lad would enter the guild and thus help it build a new chapter, but the guilder's ties to goblins worries Stephen and so far he has refused.

Purpose. Quest person



[top]Plots and rumors

[top]Totems and tragedy

It's not Davin's fault that he sometimes dreams of the demons of the Shadow World, nor is it wrong that he then carves flawless statues of such demons which are proudly displayed above doors to ward nightmares away from the homes of the buyers. However it is certainly someone's fault that some of these statutes have become imbued with malign life and awaken to wreak mayhem from time to time. Such occurrences must be the case for the homes are destroyed and the statues alone gone, what other explanation is there?

Haelyn's Bastion of Truth heard of the assaults and murders around the province and sent an inquisitor to investigate, justice will be done and be seen to be done. Of course when the Inquisitor goes to speak to Davin as he walks the forest seeking out wood to carve and does not return the Bastion is likely to take more forceful measures to bring the killers to justice than simple villagers might like.

[top]Dream of demons

Davin was looking forward to his betrothal to a girl in his village when he was kidnapped by Red Fist clan goblins.

The goblins had long seen the carvings of guardians and spirits over homes and wondered at the similarity of these images to the dreams sent by the Stone God so they kidnapped Davin that he might carve them idols to honor their lord, and perhaps discover how a young human could know so well the legends of their people to carve those legends in so lifelike a fashion.

The Stone God's plan for the young carver is unknown to the goblins, but perhaps when the boy spends the night asleep in the god's arms, the Stone God will speak to Davin and explain?

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