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Daikhar Zhigun



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[top]Life and Society

[top]The Land

Evergreen forests cover the low hills and sloping mountains of Daikar Zhigun the rise up to become the Gnoll Fell Ridge. In winter these lands look all but abandoned, but in summer groups of dwarves can be seen movin through the Woods, digging coal and shale along the mountainsides. Long, low earthen huts dot the landscape and wisps of grey smoke wind their way skyward. Small groups of dwarves patrol the land with surprising stealth.



King Kallen Pickbiter rules the Twin Fortresses of Daikhar Zhigun by virtue of being the leader of the largest clan under the mountains. The king defers most decisions to his council of clan advisers, but has the ability to impose his will over all when he deems necessary.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumors

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Daikhar Zhigun
Dhaikar (5/2)4 (KP)4 (ME)5 (DU)1 (CL)
Zhigun (4/3)4 (KP)3 (ME)3 (DU)
Abbreviations: KP= King Kallen Pickbiter (Daikhar Zhigun); ME= Morathos Everdark (Bright Ember's Darkness); DU= Dorin Utterlund (Deep Steel Miners); CL= Caliene Llwelyn (Grevesmühl wizard);

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