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Table: Skill Synergies
5 or more ranks in ...gives a +2 bonus on ...
AutohypnosisKnowledge (psionics) checks
BluffDiplomacy checks
BluffDisguise checks to act in character
BluffIntimidate checks
BluffSleight of Hand checks
ConcentrationAutohypnosis checks
Craftrelated Appraise checks
Decipher ScriptUse Magic Device checks involving scrolls
Escape ArtistUse Rope checks involving bindings
Handle AnimalRide checks
Handle Animalwild empathy checks
JumpTumble checks
Knowledge (arcana)Spellcraft checks
Knowledge (architecture
and engineering)
Search checks involving secret doors
and similar compartments
Knowledge (dungeoneering)Survival checks when underground
Knowledge (geography)Survival checks to keep from getting
lost or for avoiding hazards
Knowledge (history)bardic knowledge checks
Knowledge (local)Gather Information checks
Knowledge (nature)Survival checks in above-ground
natural environments
Knowledge (nobility
and royalty)
Diplomacy checks
Knowledge (psionics)Psicraft checks
Knowledge (religion)checks to turn or rebuke undead
Knowledge (the planes)Survival checks when on other planes
PsicraftUse Psionic Device checks involving power stones
SearchSurvival checks when following tracks
Sense MotiveDiplomacy checks
SpellcraftUse Magic Device involving scrolls
SurvivalKnowledge (nature) checks
TumbleBalance checks
TumbleJump checks
Use Magic DeviceSpellcraft checks to decipher scrolls
Use Psionic DevicePsicraft checks to address power stones
Use RopeClimb checks involving ropes
Use RopeEscape Artist checks involving ropes
This section describes each skill, including common uses and typical modifiers. Characters can sometimes use skills for purposes other than those noted here.
Here is the format for skill descriptions.


The skill name line includes (in addition to the name of the skill) the following information.
Key Ability: The abbreviation of the ability whose modifier applies to the skill check. Exception: Speak Language has ?None? as its key ability because the use of this skill does not require a check.
Trained Only: If this notation is included in the skill name line, you must have at least 1 rank in the skill to use it. If it is omitted, the skill can be used untrained (with a rank of 0). If any special notes apply to trained or untrained use, they are covered in the Untrained section (see below).
Armor Check Penalty: If this notation is included in the skill name line, an armor check penalty applies (when appropriate) to checks using this skill. If this entry is absent, an armor check penalty does not apply.
The skill name line is followed by a general description of what using the skill represents. After the description are a few other types of information:
Check: What a character (?you? in the skill description) can do with a successful skill check and the check?s DC.
Action: The type of action using the skill requires, or the amount of time required for a check.
Try Again: Any conditions that apply to successive attempts to use the skill successfully. If the skill doesn?t allow you to attempt the same task more than once, or if failure carries an inherent penalty (such as with the Climb skill), you can?t take 20. If this paragraph is omitted, the skill can be retried without any inherent penalty, other than the additional time required.
Special: Any extra facts that apply to the skill, such as special effects deriving from its use or bonuses that certain characters receive because of class, feat choices, or race.
Synergy: Some skills grant a bonus to the use of one or more other skills because of a synergistic effect. This entry, when present, indicates what bonuses this skill may grant or receive because of such synergies. See Table: Skill Synergies for a complete list of bonuses granted by synergy between skills (or between a skill and a class feature).
Restriction: The full utility of certain skills is restricted to characters of certain classes or characters who possess certain feats. This entry indicates whether any such restrictions exist for the skill.
Untrained: This entry indicates what a character without at least 1 rank in the skill can do with it. If this entry doesn?t appear, it means that the skill functions normally for untrained characters (if it can be used untrained) or that an untrained character can?t attempt checks with this skill (for skills that are designated as ?Trained Only?).


The skills below relate to the use of psionics. In addition to three new skills (Autohypnosis, Psicraft, and Use Psionic Device), a new category is provided for the Knowledge skill, and new uses are given for Concentration.


Despite the near-magical nature of some epic level skill uses, all uses of skills are considered exceptional abilities (except if noted otherwise), and thus function normally even within areas of antimagic.

[top]Skill Synergy

Many skills are noted as granting a synergy bonus to the use of another skill when a character has 5 or more ranks in the first skill. This synergy bonus increases by +2 for every additional 20 ranks the character has in the skill.

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