D20:Psionic Items: Universal Items Rules

[top]Universal Items

This is a catchall category for any psionic item that doesn?t fall into the other groups. Anyone can use a universal item (unless specified otherwise in the description).
[top]Physical Description
Usually command thought, but details vary from item to item.

[top]Universal Item Descriptions

Universal items can be configured to do just about anything.

[top]Table: Minor Universal Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01?04Shard (+1, any one skill)10 gp
05?07Shard (+2, any one skill)40 gp
08?10Crawling tattoo (any 1st level)50 gp
11?14Crawling tattoo of concussion50 gp
15?18Shard (+3, any one skill)90 gp
19?21Shard (+4, any one skill)160 gp
22?24Shard (+5, any one skill)250 gp
25?28Crawling tattoo (any 2nd level)300 gp
29?31Pearl, brain lock300 gp
32?35Shard (+6, any one skill)360 gp
36?38Shard (+7, any one skill)490 gp
39?41Boots of stomping600 gp
42?44Shard (+8, any one skill)640 gp
45?47Crawling tattoo (any 3rd level)750 gp
48?50Crawling tattoo of energy bolt750 gp
51?53Pearl, breath crisis750 gp
54?56Shard (+9, any one skill)810 gp
57?59Boots of landing 1,000 gp
60?63Psionic restraints, lesser1,000 gp
64?67Shard (+10, any one skill)1,000 gp
68?71Pearl, personality parasite1,400 gp
72?75Crystal mask of knowledge2,500 gp
76?79Crystal mask of languages2,500 gp
80?85Eyes of expanded vision3,000 gp
86?89Gloves of object reading3,000 gp
90?92Mirror of suggestion3,600 gp
93?94Psionic restraints, average6,000 gp
95?97Torc of free will6,000 gp
98?100Boots of skating7,000 gp

[top]Table: Medium Universal Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01?04Psionatrix of clairsentience8,000 gp
05?08Psionatrix of metacreativity8,000 gp
09?12Psionatrix of psychokinesis8,000 gp
13?16Psionatrix of psychometabolism8,000 gp
17?20Psionatrix of psychoportation8,000 gp
21?25Psionatrix of telepathy8,000 gp
26?27Third eye penetrate8,000 gp
28?29Mirror of time hop9,000 gp
30?31Crystal mask of detection10,000 gp
32?33Crystal mask of discernment10,000 gp
34?35Crystal mask of dread10,000 gp
36?38Crystal mask of psionic craft10,000 gp
39?41Ring of self-sufficiency10,000 gp
42?43Skin of nimbleness10,000 gp
44?45Third eye aware10,000 gp
46?47Third eye concentrate10,000 gp
48?49Third eye gather10,000 gp
50?52Eyes of power leech10,080 gp
53?55Third eye powerthieve10,080 gp
56?58Third eye view10,180 gp
59?61Crystal mask of mindarmor10,667 gp
62?63Psionic restraints, greater12,000 gp
64?65Torc of leech freedom12,000 gp
66?68Gloves of titan?s grip14,000 gp
69?70Skin of the claw16,000 gp
71?72Amulet of catapsi16,200 gp
73?74Skin of the chameleon18,000 gp
75?76Pearl, mind seed18,500 gp
77?78Mirror of mind switch19,800 gp
79?80Eyes of power leech, vampiric20,160 gp
81?82Crystal mask of insightful detection20,250 gp
83?84Crystal anchor, body24,000 gp
85?86Crystal anchor, comprehension24,000 gp
87?88Crystal anchor, creation24,000 gp
89?90Crystal anchor, energy24,000 gp
91Crystal anchor, ghost24,000 gp
92?93Crystal anchor, mind24,000 gp
94?95Crystal anchor, travel24,000 gp
96?97Psionic restraints, damping24,000 gp
98?100Third eye sense24,000 gp

[top]Table: Major Universal Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01?08Skin of the defender32,000 gp
09?16Torc of power preservation36,000 gp
17?24Boots of temporal acceleration43,200 gp
25?32Third eye repudiate43,200 gp
33?40Skin of fiery response60,000 gp
41?49Skin of the troll61,200 gp
50?57Skin of the hero77,500 gp
58?63Skin of the spider79,080 gp
64?72Skin of proteus84,000 gp
73?80Third eye expose112,000 gp
81?87Third eye conceal120,000 gp
88?92Third eye dominate120,000 gp
93?97Skin of iron129,600 gp
98?100Skin of the psion151,000 gp

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