D20:Mounts and Related Gear Equipment

[top]Table: Mounts and Related Gear
- Medium creature×2×1
- Large creature×4×2
Bit and bridle[1]2 gp1 lb.
Dog, guard25 gp?
Dog, riding150 gp?
Donkey or mule8 gp?
Feed (per day)5 cp10 lb.
- Horse, heavy200 gp?
- Horse, light75 gp?
- Pony30 gp?
- Warhorse, heavy400 gp?
- Warhorse, light150 gp?
- Warpony100 gp?
-- Military20 gp30 lb.
- Pack5 gp15 lb.
- Riding10 gp25 lb.
Saddle, Exotic
- Military60 gp40 lb.
- Pack15 gp20 lb.
- Riding30 gp30 lb.
- Saddlebags4 gp8 lb.
Stabling (per day)5 sp?
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