D20:Hoary Hunter Epic Creature


Hoary Hunter
Medium (Fey (Cold))
CR 25
HP 759 hp, hd46d6+598
AC 46 (+11 Dex, +15 insight, +10 natural), touch 36, flat-fooded 20
Fort +28, Ref +36, Will +31
Speed 30 ft.
Initiative +19 (+11 Dex, +8 Superior Initiative)
Spot , Listen
Standard attacks
BAB +23, Grapple +37
Full attack: +6 keen longsword of binding +46/+41/+36/+31 (1d8+27/17?20 plus 1d6 plus binding) melee
Special Attacks/Qualities
Spell-like abilities
Cold immunity, fire vulnerability, SR 36, DR 10/epic and cold iron
Skills Diplomacy +14, Hide +60, Intimidate +57, Knowledge (geography, nature) +54, Listen +55, Move Silently +60, Ride +60, Search +54, Sense Motive +55, Spot +55, Survival +55
Feats Blind Fight, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (longsword), Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Track, Trample, Weapon Focus (longsword), Epic Feats: Dire Charge, Epic Weapon Focus (longsword), Overwhelming Critical (longsword), Superior Initiative
Str 38
Con 36
Dex 33
Int 21
Wis 23
Cha 26
Alignment Always neutral evil,
Environment Any cold,
Organisation Solitary or company (2?5)

A hoary hunter?s natural weapons are treated as epic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
A critical hit (or the blow that would kill or render a foe unconscious) from the hoary hunter?s blade does not wound the hunter?s prey. Instead, the victim is bodily transported as per a soul binding spell heightened to 16th level (DC 30) into a diamond at the end of the sword?s hilt.
Spell-Like At will?discern location, true strike, fog cloud, hold monster, plane shift; 3/day?dimensional anchor, dominate monster, greater dispell magic; 1/day?mage`s disjunction, contingent recall and resurrection*. Caster level 23rd; save DC 18 + spell level. *Contingent recall and resurrection is a variation on an epic spell. When slain, the hoary hunter is actually transported, with its mount, back to the fey realm, where it is resurrected. The only way to truly slay the hoary hunter is to defeat it in its home realm after this epic spell has been exhausted for the day.

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