Dear reader,

I just read that halfling as we all know sometime consider themself Brecht, well this wrong and I don't understand why they should do something like that.

1- They are not human and they are from another plane like solars and many other species.
2- They escaped their plane because it got corrupted and now they want to take over Cerilia ? (as it could ever happen)
3- Dwarfs and Elfs don't hide their heritage, why halflings do that ? the all planet is populated by different races and this is make it different and interensting.

What will happen next ? Orcs call themself Elfs ? Human change into goblins ?

I just think their are wrong on confusing the cards like this, we have to educate them. Those probably confused creatures need to be took care and direct to the right path.

Lord H. From Muden