D20:Contact Other Plane Spell

Contact Other Plane
Sor/Wiz 5
10 minutes

You send your mind to another plane of existence (an Elemental Plane or some plane farther removed) in order to receive advice and information from powers there. (See the accompanying table for possible consequences and results of the attempt.) The powers reply in a language you understand, but they resent such contact and give only brief answers to your questions. (All questions are answered with ?yes,? ?no,? ?maybe,? ?never,? ?irrelevant,? or some other one-word answer.)
You must concentrate on maintaining the spell (a standard action) in order to ask questions at the rate of one per round. A question is answered by the power during the same round. For every two caster levels, you may ask one question.
Contact with minds far removed from your home plane increases the probability that you will incur a decrease to Intelligence and Charisma, but the chance of the power knowing the answer, as well as the probability of the entity answering correctly, are likewise increased by moving to distant planes.
Once the Outer Planes are reached, the power of the deity contacted determines the effects. (Random results obtained from the table are subject to the personalities of individual deities.)
On rare occasions, this divination may be blocked by an act of certain deities or forces.
Plane ContactedAvoid Int/Cha DecreaseTrue AnswerDon?t KnowLieRandom Answer
Elemental PlaneDC 7/1 week01?3435?6263?8384?100
(appropriate)(DC 7/1 week)(01?68)(69?75)(76?98)(99?100)
Positive/Negative Energy PlaneDC 8/1 week01?3940?6566?8687?100
Astral PlaneDC 9/1 week01?4445?6768?8889?100
Outer Plane, demideityDC 10/2 weeks01?4950?7071?9192?100
Outer Plane, lesser deityDC 12/3 weeks01?6061?7576?9596?100
Outer Plane, intermediate deityDC 14/4 weeks01?7374?8182?9899?100
Outer Plane, greater deityDC 16/5 weeks01?8889?9091?99100
Avoid Int/Cha Decrease: You must succeed on an Intelligence check against this DC to avoid a decrease in Intelligence and Charisma. If the check fails, your Intelligence and Charisma scores each fall to 8 for the stated duration, and you become unable to cast arcane spells. If you lose Intelligence and Charisma, the effect strikes as soon as the first question is asked, and no answer is received. (The entries in parentheses are for questions that pertain to the appropriate Elemental Plane.)
Results of a Successful Contact: d% is rolled for the result shown on the table:
True Answer: You get a true, one-word answer. Questions that cannot be answered in this way are answered randomly.
Don?t Know: The entity tells you that it doesn?t know.
Lie: The entity intentionally lies to you.
Random Answer: The entity tries to lie but doesn?t know the answer, so it makes one up.

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