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[top]Core Rulebooks







  • TSR #3147. Tribes of the Heartless Wastes



  • TSR #3101. Blood Enemies



  • TSR #3125. Legends of the Hero Kings



[top]Player?s Secret Books


  • TSR #3104. Roesone Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3105. Endier Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3106. Medoere Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3107. Tuornen Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3108. Ilien Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3109. Talinie Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3111. Ariya Domain Sourcebook


  • TSR #3119. Binsada Domain Sourcebook













[top]Computer games


  • Sierra. Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance. 1997.




  • TSR #3113. Greatheart





  • TSR #3133. War (hardcover)

[top]Graphic novels/Comics


[top]Magazine Articles (unofficial)




  • Dragon #220. Politics of Empire or, How To Get Ahead in Anuire





  • Dragon #233. Scions of the Desert
  • Dragon #233. Game Wizards-The Rod of Seven Parts, world by world




  • Dragon #241. Chronicle of Cerilia
  • Dragon #241. The Roof of the World



  • Dragon #247. Heroes of Cerilia-Skills and Powers for Birthright







  • Polyhedron #109. Races of Cerilia ? Part 2

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