In BIRTHRIGHT, horses are not only a method of travel between adventures, but critical to many noble activities, including hunting, racing, jousting, and of course warfare. If you want more detail on horses just heavy or light, riding or warhorses, one option is to use the "Noble Steeds" OGL material published by Avalanche Press.


The steps to building a new horse description involve selecting a kind of horse, its breed, its class, and any feats.
The kind of horse refers to whether it is a heavy horse, a light horse, a Pony, an Elven horse, or a Varsk.
Breed refers to one of several breeds identified below.
Class refers to the training the mount has received as a Warhorse (or Destrier), a Riding horse (or Palfrey), or a Fast horse (or Courser).
Instead of feats being assigned to the horse by its type, as is normally done, they are selected after selecting the mount's class, for more flexibility.


Several breeds are available for each kind of horse. Cerilian names have been assigned, although others can be used as well. Each breed is based on a real-world historical type described in "Noble Steeds".
Light Horses


Heavy Horses

See Also: D20 Horses


Class refers to the training the mount has received as a Destrier (or Warhorse), a Palfrey (or Riding horse), or a Courser (or Fast horse).
Horses cannot multiclass.

Table: the Courser
Level Experience Ability Increases Bonus Hit Points

* A 1st level mount is an adventurer, like a PC, whereas the standard horse from the Monster Manual is an NPC class animal. Preparing a horse to become a 1st level horse requires a character with 10 ranks of Handle Animal to spend three months of constant training and preparation. During this time the mount gains their class abilities as well as the four additional attribute points (which allow most breeds to qualify for any class) and their additional hit points.


Normally, a horse receives the Endurance and Run feats. Instead, a mount built with this system receives no feats for being a horse, but receives feats based on class and level. See the class links above. Mounts may select from the following feats.
Feat Prereq Benefit
FearlessNot spooked by battle conditions and immune to fear effects
Fight in HarnessNo penalties for fighting in a harness (chariot, wagon, cart)
Half PassDex 15+Horse may shift one square sideways while continuing forward, also +4 Dodge bonus to avoid Attacks of Opportunity
Heavy BurdenMount may carry 1.5 x its normal burden without penalty
Improved ChargeNo penalty to AC because of a charge
Increased StaminaMount may travel two additional hours per day without penalty
Massive BlowImproved ChargeWith a full attack, not necessarily a charge, an opponent is pushed 2 squares
PirouetteHalf PassThe mount may change direction during a charge, required only to cover the required distance to perform a charge
Rear KickA mount which does not move this round can make a special attack
Safe HavenIf its rider is unconscious or incapacitated, the horse takes its rider to safety
Shoulder InImproved ChargeThe mount strikes its target during a charge at a slight oblique angle preventing Attacks of Opportunity and doing an additional d4 points of damage
Sole RiderThe rider is bonded to the horse, granting a +4 synergy bonus to Ride checks, and the horse will not accept other riders
Sure-FootedThe mount need not make Dex checks in difficult terrain performing simple maneuvers, and can take 10 on common maneuvers in difficult terrain
Way HomeThe mount knows its way home and will go there if it has no knowledge of its master's whereabouts

[top]Other Feats

Other standard feats that may be applied to mounts include Alertness, Dodge, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Run, and Toughness.

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