Cerilia is a small continent on the world of Aebrynis. It is the main location for the people, events and histories relating to the Birthright Campaign Setting.

Cerilia is home to the five great human nations; the Anuirean, Brecht, Khinasi, Rjurik and the Vos. It is also home to the other civilized races, the dwarves, elves and goblins and a fair number of the wild races, gnolls, and orogs.

The southwest of Cerilia is known as Anuire. It is a green and fair land with broad, fertile river valleys, rolling hills and highlands. The northwest is home to the Rjurik, a cool land of forests and taiga. The northern coast is icy even in summer and precipitation falls all year round.

The great bay called the Krakennauricht ("the Kraken's reach"" in high Brecht) in the center of the northern half of the continent is home to the Brecht. This icy bay is bordered by harsh mountainous land with only the basin states holding large quantities of fertile lands. The mouth of the bay freezes over in winter and even the boldest captain keeps ashore in these months lest the icebergs in the bay scuttle their ship.

The northeast is the harsh land of the Vos, colder even than lands of the Rjurik. The icy lands of Vosgaard hold deep gloomy forests and high mountains in similar measure but few plains.

The south-east of the continent is home to the Khinasi. The mountains to the north and west shield the Khinasi from the rains and cold winds of the north, making the Khinasi lands are dry and warm. Here alone in Cerilia can one find deserts where nothing grows and the rains come once only every few years.

To the south of Cerilia, across the Straits of Aerele, is the continent of Aduria. The continents were once linked by a barren land bridge but this was destroyed after the Battle of Deismaar when the volcanoes that had formed the bridge erupted as one, and the land collapsed beneath the waves.

To the east, across the Sea of Dragons is Djapar, ancient home of the Basarji. To the west is the Miere Rhuann or "sea of storms". To the northwest, across the Thaelasian Sea is the frigid land of Thaele. To the northeast across the Leviathan's Reach is the huge island of Torova Temylatin.

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