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Campaigns are historic, ongoing, or proposed campaigns in the Birthright universe, or simply using the rules in another setting.

Generally lore specific to the campaign should have an observation or fan-based banner; this is because any 'generic' fluff associated with the campaign should ideally be placed on the main wiki leaving only 'contentious' issues for the campaign, such as changes to the existing regents, radical re-interpretations of existing regents (Raesene the Fluffy, etc) and the like.

To add an banner for items copy the following text:
As ever, an Observation banner indicates a slanted viewpoint or 'interesting' interpretation of events, while Fan-based indicates that something in the page actively contradicts existing BR lore or canon or expands it in a contentious manner.

The aim of posting a campaign in brwiki is to show the types of games out there, their progress, problems they face, wrap up loose ends for closed campaigns, and of course provide fodder for a DM's own campaign and the general amusement and edification of all and sundry. House Rules specific to a campaign could be added in an 'AlsoSee' to the Campaign page as well as the 'HouseRule' section.

Please also start with a breadcrumb back to this page for ease of navigation, and put a purple band at the top of the article to show that it is a campaign (and add AD&D, or BRCS to the banner to denote the rules set used). The Category for Campaigns should be 'Campaign' see an existing page for a template for an example, you can copy and paste to and from word when editing a wiki page and it is often easier to convert a copy of someone else's page and swap the bulk text with yours than work from scratch.

Note, when adding your campaign with an AlsoSee below, make sure you call your campaign PBeM:Campaign_name or PnP:Campaign_Name; some names such as Ruins of Empire, Night of Fire, etc could already have a BRwiki entry.

[top]Ongoing PBEMs:

PBEM is an abbreviation for "Play By e-Mail". Most PBEMs are run by each player submitting a turn sheet that lists his actions and his assets for a given period of time (usually 1 turn covers 1 or 3 months).

The turn sheet is handed in by e-mail on a regular basis (ever 2-6 weeks seems to be the norm). Based on the input from the turn sheets, the DM will then determine the outcome of your actions, and how other players' action affect you.

[top]Web Play

Web Plays are website-based games for which access to the web interface is the only resource required in order to play. The only portion of the game not on the site is copyrighted campaign materials. This is similar to a PBEM, but utilises more automation in the administration and running of the campaign.

Under Construction

[top]Ongoing OpenRPG

[top]Ongoing PNP Campaigns:

PnP or "Pen and Paper" campaigns are played with the players talking face-to-face or in small online groups.

[top]Historic Campaigns:

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