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The Call of Days is a three day festival which ends on The Eve of the Dead, the winter equinox. The festival is celebrated in Boeruine, particularly in Calant; where it is warmly embraced by the Northern Imperial Temple who distribute flowers from their holy gardens to the deserving together with alms. The festival is however mostly ignored by most other churches of Haelyn who lack the Northern Imperial Temples tradition of flower tending. This holiday is a festival of lights celebrating the return of longer days, the victory of good over evil, and hoped for prosperity. Rangers, druids, bards devoted to Erik also attend this festival, as well as some knights and priests of Cuiraecen disposed toward the land, and a few priests of Ruornil and Sera.
In the center of a circle of standing stones, a great earthen heart is filled with dead wood and windfall to create a great bonfire which lasts for three days. The ash from the fire is considered sacred and magical and is prized by priestly attendees for use in spells like Bless Land, Dispel Realm Magic, Protection from Realm Magic, and other esoteric uses. There is generally enough ash for every priest to cast one realm spell or five or six regular spells.

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