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Arms of CaliedheArms of Caliedhe

Caliedhe Dosiere
Fighter 12/ Wizard 16
The Chamberlain of Anuire, Lineage of Royalty
CR 28
HP , hd28
AC , touch , flat-fooded
Fort , Ref , Will
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Initiative +0
Spot −1, Listen +0
Anduiras, Great 64
Bloodline abilities Detect lie, Enhanced sense (Major), Divine Aura (Major), Resistance (Anduiras, Manjor)
Standard attacks
BAB +0, Grapple
Melee attacks
Broadsword +4

Skills unknown
Feats unknown
Str 10
Con 13
Dex 14
Int 19
Wis 17
Cha 15
Alignment LN, Languages Common, Anuirean (native)
Possessions Caliedhe Dosiere usually carries a broadsword +4 called Throneguard and the signet bearing the imerial Seal of Anuire. on his right hand he wears a ring of office, which also acts as a ring of protection +4. His wrists bear bracers of protection +4

Typical Dialogue:


Caliedhe Dosiere is the executive figurehead of the City of Anuire, commonly just called the Chamberlain by the locals. While he has never claimed the title Emperor, he is the pseudo-head of the remnants of the Anuirean Empire. Most of the Anuirean nobility realise that they could never revive the empire without the Chamberlain's backing. No claims to the Iron Throne have yet won his approval.
While Caliedhe is an accomplished diviner himself, he is not officially a member of the College of Sorcery. However, he is on talking terms with the college's leaders and will seek their council on magical matters that threaten the city.
Still, Caliedhe has two sons. His more famous son is Johannes Dosiere.
He is said to be a distant cousin to Helaene Dosiere, the Chancellor of Dhoesone.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • Caliedhe's historical knowledge of the goings-on of Anuire and her people is vast. It is like he has a window to the past.
  • Caliedhe is not young. Many nobles wonder who is he training to be his successor. (which is up to the DM).

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