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Broken Stave


Magic spells
GB Income:
1d3 GB due to spell research work
RP Income:
6 RP

10 GB
18 RP


The last remains of what was Massenmarch's controlled source, this holding is held by the last mage of Kiergard, Golbrag Untswahl. Despite sharing his territory with the mysterious Sayer of Coullabhie, the wizard is not interested in playing any active role, fearing an intervention by the Swordhawk or, worse, the Gorgon.

[top]The Land

Little is to say about the Thuringode forest, which marks a border between Massenmarch and Kiergard. Both Karl Bissen and Onwen Spakeheart, markgraf of Kiergard and vassal of the Gorgon itself, have an i ntrest in the area. Anybody who tries to enter this region and pass unnoticed onto the other country has never resurfaced.

Mystical events frequently happen inside the forest, due to the many spells and experiments Untswahl does to unaware adventurers. The mage is however very careful not to raise too much awareness about his presence.


Kort Overloper was the original Kiergard's Stave. When the Gorgon invaded Kiergard, he knew that his choices were lifetime vassalage or to flee the country. Consequently he sold his services to Massemarch, offering his services as a way to spy and control the region. Griselda Pekt was the last one to keep the original name. After Griselda's demise, all of the Stave's sources controlled in Kiergard was contested by the Gorgon, little by little, across the decades. Losing all Kiergard's source holdings granted the wizard's line the infamous "Broken" nickname. They remained as part of the Massenmarch council, however.

In more recent years (521 MR), Adler Bezoorg was entitled by the Swordhawk to start a campaign of source control in Kiergard, to indulge the awnshegh's lust for control in the surrounding region. He was of course no match for the Gorgon's source powers and the new contender, the Sayer of Coullabhie, and he was gruesomely eviscerated in the Swordhawk's throne room, a penance for his failure.

His ward, Golbrag Untswahl, fled the capital and hid himself on the forest. When the guards stopped searching, he decided to lay low, waiting for his opportunity to restore the wizard line's former power and prestige.


Unstwahl tries really hard to avoid any contact with all other realities outside the forest. Being raised as a magician, he knows illusions very well, and uses them to make Thuringode a "bad place" for moving troops. Massenmarch scouts will often find themselves looking at the sea instead of entering Kiergard. This means that scouts inside Thuringode forest have a 1/6 chance of missing enemies in nearby provinces.

Like many Brecht, Unstwahl understands business. He will research any domain spell or normal spell, for the right price. He may even let a wizard borrow his sources, provided that his secrecy is kept. He is also a backstabber, so he will sell anybody to the Swordhawk if this may help him regain the wizard's line reputation.

He will not engage for the same reason with the Sayer, as long as he does not put the forest - his presence, actually - in danger or tries to contest his holdings.

[top]Important Figures

Golbrag Untswahl (MOr, W9; An, minor, 16; LE) : the wizard himself. He does his work on a secret dungeon he built in the centre of the forest. Born orog, he was raised by Beezorg as a pup to be a personal body guard. The orog however become really smart by growing up, and when Beezorg found out he was of divine blood, he decided to raise him as his ward. Beezorg suspected he was a rare case of half-orog, however his suspicions died with him.

[top]Plots and Rumours

  • Knowledge is the real business: It is said that a lot of magic spells, including domain spells, are hidden in Untswahl's lair. The mage may lend his services for the right price, but sometimes you just want to raid a dungeon. You will have to find it between layers of illusions, however. Beware, for if the wizard event suspects foul intentions, he may have you lost inside the forest for decades.

  • The enemy of my enemy: The Broken Stave is obsessed with gaining back his prestige. Promising him a place in the court of Massenmarch or regaining his former source control, will make him an ally - until someone promises the same thing with a better bargain, of course.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Broken Stave
Thuringode, Massenmarch (0/9)SW (0)-FZ (0)CB (3)
GU (6)
Abbreviations: SW = The Swordhawk; FZ = Fazourk Zuarim (Fosslumbren); CB = Camyrynnyd Bullahrie (Sayer of Coullabhie); GU = Golbrag Untswahl (Kiergard's Broken Stave);

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