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Covered almost entirely by pine forest mixed with some maple trees in the south and bisected by a river that flows from the Thorn Throne, this province is fairly flat. This is a generally peaceful, populous province into which communities of the Thorn Throne extend. However, the gheallie Sidhe has become more active here of late. Its increased activity coincided with the death of the old queen and the granting of a portion of the law holdings to Fhiele Dhoesone. Rumors tell that House Braedonnal is responsible, while other rumors finger Ibelcloris's old castellan, who is administering Dhoesone's holdings.
Aside from the elven raiders, the only dangers in this area are posed by natural predators. There may also be the rare young elf who has never seen a human who might be extremely curious (or even infatuated) with the strange creatures. Kidnappings, while uncommon, are not unheard of.


Roughly 6000 elves dwell in the south, while an additional 3000 elves and half-elves live scattered across the rest of the province. Additionally, a settlement of 500 halflings has established a comical mirror of the Thorn Throne. They serve the elven noble houses, primarily as court jesters. Human merchants deal extensively with the elven craftsmen in the area.
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