Blooding of the kindred

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The Blooding of the Kindred is a coming-of-age ceremony for male goblins. Typically an elder goblin takes the younger goblin to a place where the younger goblin can attack an enemy of the goblins; if successful the goblin is considered an adult. Smaller goblins pick either a goblin from another tribe or one of their slaves, a human peasant etc; the larger goblins may well pick a human warrior. It is not uncommon in dangerous areas for a few goblin adults to take a number of goblin adolescents in a group ceremony who mob the target. In either case the elder goblins tend to stand back unless the enemy is both more dangerous than expected.
Occasionally adult goblins will kidnap victims to be the subject of the ceremony, they are not adverse to crippling the target before the ceremony to ensure that the goblin adolescent is successful, this is more common in areas where the goblins have a particular enemy, or where it is dangerous for the goblins to travel away from their borders.

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