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Arms of BjorlangenArms of Bjorlangen

Under the control of The Watch until a few months ago, the tribe known as the Kjarhoelle assembled a group of renegade Rjurik mercenaries, Kjarhoelle warriors, and humanoids to overrun the defenders and seize the province. Elite forces of chief Tjorvaal Kjarhoelle currently scour the plains of northern Bjorlangen for those who resist the White Witch. Any remaining Rjurik settlers have probably retreated to the dubious security of the Great Downs in the south of the province. If any still survive, they probably found little comfort there. The Bjorlangen Downs are reputed to be the oldest and most treacherous of all. Most Rjurik fled to Lemnjohen.
Observers wonder at the sudden horde of the Kjarhoelle clan. While it is normal for a tribe which has grown too large for its hunting grounds to seek new territory, Chief Tjorvaal recruited mercenaries and even humanoids to help him seize the province. The skalds recall that in Rjurik history, when tribes would begin to settle, often they would experience of period of dominating those nearby who were not tribe members. Some wonder if Chief Tjorvaal has ambitions to make himself a King of the Giantdowns.

[top]Adventure: After the Fall

When Bjorlangen fell to the armies of the Kjarhoelle, refugees fled into the surrounding provinces. The White Witch planned her attack well and many Rjurik were captured and forced to swear oaths to the Kjarhoelle. They are now thralls.
Chief Tjorvaal seems to suspect that a small group of settlers has fled into the Great Downs of southern Bjorlangen. However it seems that many of his troops are not willing to confront supernatural dangers. Rumors of hauntings and restless spirits in the Great Downs limit operations in this region. Tjorvaal is able to lead his troops into the Great Downs to confront troops from the Watch, but they will not linger to conduct searches for the missing refugees.
The Quest:
The PCs must somehow bypass the Chief Tjorvaal's patrols and reach the group of refugees. When they find the group, they must lead them out to either Midjarna village or the Old Fort of Lemnjohen.
The Obstacles:
If the PCs try to lead the settlers to Tuarhievel, the Rjurik will object, for the elves of Dhoneaghmiere are known to throw humans they find into the icy waters of the Ruide River when they find them. Even if there is an elf in the group, it should be clear that the elves of Dhoneaghmiere will turn them away. Humans known to persist into the territory have been torn limb from limb.
Chief Tjorvaal has a few loyal karls and hunters able to search the Great Downs. These might be encountered, or they might bring in a patrol to deal with the adventurers as the difficulty level requires. A patrol of the Kjarhoelle mercenaries is composed of a half dozen Warrior 2's lead by lead by a female Cleric 4 devoted to Kriesha. A scouting party is composed of several mounted Fighter 3's lead by a mounted Fighter 7. More dangerous are the monsters of Bjorlangen for use as needed for higher CR encounters. One kind of monstrous encounter particularly appropriate to the Great Downs are undead. The refugees may have lost a few of their number to wights or other undead.
The Rjurik organizations, the Watch, the Emerald Spiral, and the Rjurik leaders will regard with favor any who successful bring refugees out of Bjorlangen. Likewise, the Kjarhoelle can be expected to take note of those who thwarted them. There are also those in the Rjurik camp, especially Sturm Gunnarsen and Sigurd Gunnarsen, or anyone else the PCs have made enemies of, who might become rivals with the PCs for leadership in the Giantdowns. The PCs certainly have the opportunity to form lasting friendships, rivalries, and enmities here.

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