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New spells are almost a given in most DM's campaigns, these can be preferred variations to existing spells to add flavor or correct flaws, sometimes they are one-use only McGuffins needed to push a plot forward, often they are designed simply to add variety for the game.

More rarely DMs rebuild the entire spell system, using a point basis for number of spells a day, a thread, time or fatigue based spell-casting system to move away from a fixed number of spells at all. Other DMs increase the cost of area-effect magics to remove the mage=artillery issue, or remove 'save-or-die' type magics and so on. These sorts of radical alterations should be entered as a house rule system along with any associated spells - this page is for standard D&D D20-type spells.

To add a spell add it to the list below - the page will get to cluttered if AlsoSees are used. Please write a one or two line summary of the spell (in the PHB style). When creating the subpage with the actual spell please put a red 'house rule' banner put at the top.

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[top]AD&D spells

It is worth noting that many people still use AD&D (particularly as all the Birthright books were written for AD&D), where possible please list a conversion for a spell so that it can be used in either system.

[top]Domain Spells

To keep the page to a manageable length please add all domain spells in a separate list at the end of this spell list - a totally separate page may be required if the list gets too long.

Spell list
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  • Avani's Resuscitation. Priest (Avani, Laerme) 9. Necromancy. An extraordinarily powerful healing spell, all within 100 yards of the caster and in daylight heal at 1 hitpoint per turn. The spell also cures blindness/disease in an hour, regenerates limbs in 4-12 hours and raises the recently dead. Source: BoP.
  • Avatar Form. Druid 9, Priest 9. The priest transforms into the avatar of their god, only usable by those with a great bloodline of the appropriate type. Source: BoP.


  • Blood Bank. Druid 4, Priest 4. Necromancy. The caster can transfer the bloodline of a willing scion into a gemstone of the appropriate type. Source: BoP
  • Blood Bond. Druid 1, Priest 1. Enchantment. The caster links the life force of two people, any damage suffered by one target is shared by the other. Source: BoP.
  • Blood Drain Wizard 9. Necromancy. Reversible. The caster drains bloodline points from the target permanently. Source: BoM.
  • Bloodline Corruption. Priest 9, Wizard 9. Necromancy. The caster changes the bloodline of the target to match their own, or that of a second target. Source: Blood Enemies.
  • Bloodline Inheritance. Druid 4, Priest 4. A link is formed between a scion and their intended heir. If the Regent dies their heir inherits their bloodline. Source: BoP


  • Calder's Starry Sky. Magician 2, wizard 2. Divination. Caster can see the stars in the sky despite clouds, storm, etc. Source: BoM
  • Circle of Secrets. Druid 3, Priest 3. Alteration. The priest takes on the form of some natural local feature. Source: BoP.
  • Courtier's cloth. Bard 2, Magician 2. Illusion/phantasm. The caster can create a phantasmal wardrobe for themselves or others. Source: Eberron (modified).


  • Daythief. Priest 8 (Eloele). Summons a Daythief (a bird sacred to Eloele) which serves the Priest for a period. the Daythief can spy for the priest, or carry out minor thefts. It cannot be trapped or harmed. Source: BoP
  • Disguise Bloodline. Wizard 5. Illusion. the target's bloodline is changed for the purposes of all divinations and visible effects. Source: BoM.
  • Discern Sidhe Influence. Bard 1, Druid 1, Magician 1, Priest 1. Divination. The caster can detect whether Sidhe have been present in the area recently. Source: BoP.


  • Enhance Trait. Magician 2, Wizard 2. Necromancy. A parental trait can be selected or enhanced in an unborn animal. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall.
  • Erik's Natural Shield. Druid 8. Enchantment. The druid will be aided by any natural creatures, no natural creature will attack the druid. The creatures do not understand language, but will understand the druids rough needs as long as these make sense to the creature. Source: BoP.
  • Erik's Quills. Wizard 3. Evocation. sharp quills fly from the caster's hands to strike the target(s). Source: BoM.


  • Facet. Wizard 5. Alteration. A gemstone or piece of jewelry is improved. Source: BoM.
  • Fertility. Magician 2, Wizard 2. Necromancy. The target becomes very fertile for a brief period. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall.



  • Haelyn's Bow. A chosen bow gains +1 to hit and damage for a period. Reversible. Source: BoM
  • Haelyn's Wisdom. Priest (Haelyn) 8. A saint or lesser servant of Haelyn appears and grants advice for the duration of the crisis or grand project. Source: BoP.


  • Identify Metal. Bard 4, Magician 4, Druid 4, Priest 4, Wizard 4. Divination. The caster can identify exactly what type of wood, ore, metal, or stone they are touching for a period - including tighmaevril. Source: BoM (modified).
  • Improved Armour. Priest 4, Wizard 4. Conjuration / Protection. The target is covered by faintly glowing armor equal to field plate but not in the least encumbering. Source: BoM.



  • Khinasi tongue. Bard 2, Magician 2, Wizard 2. Divination. The casters learns the price a trader is willing to buy/sell a good/service for. Source: BoM.
  • Know bloodline derivation. Druid 1, Priest 1, Wizard 1. Divination. The caster can identify the bloodline of the targeted scion and gain an idea of the bloodline strength. Source: BoM, BoP.
  • Know Cerilian Origin. Druid 1, Magician 1, Wizard 1. Divination. The caster can identify the geographical origin of the target. Source: BoP
  • Know Lineage. Bard 1, Magician 1, Wizard 1. Divination. the caster gets an image of the target's ancestors and more remote forebears. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall


  • Laerme's Emissary. Priest (Laerme, Nesirie) 8. Abjuration, Charm. The caster will not be attacked or otherwise harmed or restrained by any creature with an intelligence of 8 or more, so long as the priest intends no harm to the creature and maintains a friendly demeanor. Source: BoP.
  • Laerme's kiss. Bard 1, Magician 1. Divination/Charm. The caster gains +5 to perform checks for a period of time. Source: Eberron (modified).


  • Mask Bloodline. Wizard 2. Illusion. The target's bloodline is hidden from scrying for a period, visible signs of the bloodline are reduced. Source: BoM.
  • Mass Mounts. Wizard 5. Conjuration. A number of magical mounts are summoned by the caster for a period. Source: BoM.
  • Master's Tools. Magician 1, Wizard 1. Alteration / charm. Tools provide an enhanced skill bonus to a specific skill. Source: Eberron (modified).
  • Master's Call. Magician 3, Wizard 3. Divination. +10 bonus on craft or profession checks for the day. Source: Eberron (modified).
  • Misfortune. Bard 2, Magician 2, Wizard 2. -5 on skill checks for two skills chosen by the caster. Source: BoM (modified).


  • Nature's Wrath. Druid 4. Unnatural beings (Shadow spawn and undead) nearby suffer damage. Source: Eberron (modified).
  • Nesirie's Passage. Druid 4, Priest 4. Alteration. The caster can travel rapidly through water - even ice or groundwater. Source: Watery Passage from the BoP.
  • Nesirie's Ship of Tears. Priest (Nesirie) 8. Conjuration. the spell creates a ship of water that is exceptionally swift and is unharmed by sea or storm. No aquatic creature will attack a Ship of Tears. Source: BoP.





  • Restore Bloodline. Druid 6, Priest 6. The target recovers bloodline strength lost through some magical depletion. Source: BoP.
  • Ruornil's Tracks. Bard 2, Druid 2, Magician 2, Wizard 2. Alteration. The target leaves tracks of an animal rather than their normal footprints. Source: BoM.


  • Sense Ore. Magician 1, Wizard 1. Divination. the caster can locate any ore of the type that they are holding nearby. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall.
  • Sera's Luck. Priest (Sera, Eloele) 9. Charm. The caster rolls twice for any die roll and can pick which result they use except that if either roll is a fumble the priest fumbles. Source: BoP.
  • Sidhelien Mien. Wizard 6. Enchantment/Charm. Reversible. The target gains certain features of the Sidhe. Source: BoM.
  • Shadowcloak. Magician 5, Wizard 5. Illusion. The wizard appears to be a native of the Shadow World to all denizens of the Shadow World and increases their Seeming score for the duration of the spell. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall
  • Speaking stones. Druid 2, Magician 2, Wizard 2. A message can be sent from the holder of one stone to a matched stone carried elsewhere. Source: Eberron (modified).
  • Suppress Blood Ability. Wizard 3. Necromancy. A blood ability of the target is suppressed for a period. Source: BoM.
  • Suppress Bloodline. Wizard 6. Necromancy. The bloodline of the target is suppressed for a period. Source: BoM.


  • Totem Beast. Druid 3, Priest 3. Conjuration/Enchantment. A totem animal of the caster's deity travels to the caster and aids them for a period. Rjurik bards can cast this as a L4 spell. Source: BoP




  • Weatherward. Druid 2, Magician 2, Priest 2, Wizard 2. Conjuration. Bad weather in the area is lessened or averted. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall




  • Zone of natural purity. Druid 2, Priest 2. Fey and plant beings in the area gain a sacred bonus of 1 to attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. Shadow World beasts and undead suffer a penalty of 1. Source: Eberron (modified)
  • Zikalan Fireform. Wizard 3. Alteration. The caster can meld into a nearby fire for a period. Source: BoM.

[top]Domain spells

  • Shape Realm. Transmutation. The wizard can change the terrain type or vegetation level in the province over the course of a year to grow forests rapidly, raise or level hills, etc. Source: Homebrew AndrewTall.

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