There are various Birthright Publications and related products. Most were produced directly by TSR and are now copyright to Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, Inc.
Please note the licensing agreement between Wizards and if you wish to publish any fan-based material.

[top]Primary source material

The key publications used to produce the BRCS are:

[top]Birthright products and articles

Sorted by the TSR reference code where possible.

[top]Core Rulebooks



[top]Player's Secret Books


[top]Computer games


[top]Graphic novels/Comics

[top]Magazine Articles (unofficial)

[top]Unpublished Material

[top]Collectible Cards

Spellfire Birthright Booster Box

Set of 100 cards:
Set of 25 cards:


Blister packs:
Boxed Sets:
  • Ral Partha 10-523 Birthright Abominations
  • Ral Partha 10-524 Birthright Personalities of the Blood

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