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Binsadan Temple of Leira

Beloved Flame Haswan Mandil

Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Beloved Flame Haswan Mandil

[top]Teaching and Doctrine

The firebrand preaching of the temple's regent seems to move Leiranism in Binsada more to her fiery aspect than her creative aspect. Although the preaching of some of the clerics in more remote provinces than Ber Dairas seem to take a more moderate approach, Haswan Mandil's firebrand preaching (excuse the pun) is less on love and more on spirit.

The firebrand teachings can be summed up as this:
  • Khirdai and Leira are two sides of the same coin.
  • The Goddess of Fire is the Goddess of Life, Love, and Happiness.
  • Reincarnation for those who are faithful.
  • The Righteous would be welcome in the Fiery Halls of Leira.
  • Good marriages are blessed by Leira, while Tempestuous marriages do not have her blessing.
  • The heathen (probably meaning the Vos) will be smitten by Leira's holy fiery wrath.

More moderate priests do not teach that the heathens will be destroyed by Leira's fire. Instead, they emphasize creativity, artistic work, and peace in the hearth and the home.


[top]Major Centers of Worship

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