Built entirely on the hillside, Bhrier is primarily a town of miners, trappers and merchants. The town is actually built into the very hillside itself, and the buildings are supported on the leeward side of the slope by a web work of stilts and pillars. Wooden bridges and a seemingly endless labyrinth of stairs and winches connect the many ‘levels’ of the town together. The town boasts enough taverns and brothels for a community twice its size, but despite that, there never seems to be an empty bench in any of them once the mines close for the day. A common saying in the area is “A man can find a fight easier in Bhrier, than he might find a mug of ale”, and this axiom is not far from the truth. It is a tough town, inhabited by tough men. The surrounding area in the province of Rhumannen is littered with mines for miles around, most of which are owned by Ghorien Hiriele, though Guilder Kalien has also managed to capitalise on the abundant ore that

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