Berhagen river

The Berhagen River is a major river in the Overlook region of Brechtür, marking the border between Berhagen and Rzhlev.

The river begins in the mountains of Tiess and suddenly drops into the hills of western Ulfsted with the Berhagen Falls. It runs in the valley between the feet of the northern Berhangian mountains in Karljappen and the southern Rzhlevenian woods in Rzhlevskyy until it reaches the Black Ice Bay.

Many towns have grown alongside the river, especially in Ulfsted; the river is also heavy patrolled on both sides, to prevent invasions from the south or the north. The town of Vortzgrad is the only place where a ferry is provided, and even so it is a well guarded secret: it is used mostly for smuggling between Rzhlev and the mountain brigands.

The river has seen is fair share of battles, besides the skirmishes between Rzhlev and Berhagen: it provided a natural obstacle that prevented the invading Vos army of Tsarevo Viktor from invading Berhagen in retaliation after the Battle of Lake Ladan.

In Tiess, it is sometimes possible to fish salmon. It is unknown if they really travel from the bay or a middle basin exists somewhere in the mountains.

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