The Beast-men are reputedly the people of Aduria who were conquered by Azrai and shaped according to his whim into forms he found more useful or pleasing. The many races of beast-men include gnolls (many of whom were trapped in Cerilia after the continental land bridge collapsed), kobolds (scaly small goblin-like beasts believed to dwell deep under the earth), Ssarak (desert dwelling serpent men who still exist in Aduria), M'botan (Adurian wemics pressed into Azrai's service who reputedly turned on his forces at the battle of Mount Deismaar when Atar, first of the Lost, was slain and they were freed of his domination), the Caracdir, offspring of the Hydra, ape-like men, were-beasts, shape-shifters, and other bizarre beings many of which likely only exist in the feverish rants of demagogues or the fantasies of bards down the ages.

Other tribes of Beast-men are likely to survive in Aduria although most such peoples would likely be few in number or live far from the lands known to the inhabitants of Cerilia to have avoided credible reports of their existence being known to the civilized world.

Most people of Cerilia have a deep distrust of beast-men, believing them to be minions of the dark gods, monsters, or simply mindless brutes prone to random violence. Priests in Cerilia often preach that those who turn from the gods of light will be twisted into such monstrosities for their sins.

See Also: Yak-men - Adurian humanoids descended from an awnshegh who is revered as their deity

[top]Beastmen of Cerilia

There's been some scholarship as to which beastmen inhabit the wilds of Cerilia. A couple of Khinasi mages have catalogued the beastmen of Cerilia and have came up with a list, including:

Srarak Serpentfolk (temporary)Srarak Serpentfolk (temporary)

In Aduria they found:

Apparently in all cases, the Beastmen are flourishing, but are still a minor race in Aduria.

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