Basaļa, the queen of the sun was the patron deity of the Basarji, precursors to the Khinasi. Unlike most of the other old gods Basaļa is still worshiped by many, for her followers in Djapar have never recognized her death and hold to her ways still. It is considered likely by scholars in Khinasi that Avani, successor to Basaļa, protects the clans of Djapar and grants power to their priests despite their adherence to Basaļa out of loyalty to her predecessor.

The worship of Basaļa in Djapar continues as it has since time immemorial, she is worshiped as the bringer of light, and the strength in the heart of the horses that bear the nomads who follow her. Basaļa holds family bonds sacred, demands that respect is given to the elders of the clan, and frowns upon waste and foolishness.

Basaļa died at Deismaar at the hands of Azrai. It is said that her blazing body fell to the earth and burned its way to the core of the world causing the collapse of the land bridge.

The regal eagle was sacred to Basaļa, as was the horse which sustained her nomadic followers and the desert iguana which endured all hardship without complaint.

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