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In addition to the benefits listed in the Dungeon Masters Guide, BIRTHRIGHT characters may use this feat to attract military units as cohorts. A military cohort counts against the total cohort level to which the character is normally entitled. In order to attract a military cohort, a character must have a base attack bonus of +6 or higher. If a military cohort is selected, the character may muster an army consisting of units whose total muster value in GB does not exceed their cohort level (see the Dungeon Master's Guide).
There is no GB cost attached to recruiting a military cohort, but it does require a dedicated domain action to muster each unit. Thus, it would take three months of dedicated effort for a character to apply their leadership to muster a military cohort consisting of three units. The character can only muster units that could normally be raised in a particular province (see Chapter Six: Armies and Warfare). Once mustered, the military cohort will remain standing until destroyed or disbanded. Even the most able of leaders must provide food and shelter for their men. However, the men of a military cohort follow primarily out of personal loyalty and thus maintenance costs for the units of a military cohort are reduced by 50%.

The total GB muster value of the units in a military cohort may never exceed the cohort level appropriate for your leadership score. If a unit in a military cohort is destroyed, the value of the destroyed unit counts against the military cohort for a full year. After a year passes, the leader may "re-spend" the muster value associated with the destroyed unit. The muster value associated with healthy units that are voluntarily disbanded are available again immediately.

Massive losses and/or impressive military victories may modify the character's leadership score.

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