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Cerilia is a mystical place with ancient ley lines, magical sources, and the spiritual powers of devoted worshippers all available to those who know how to harness them. The power of the magic commanded by a single spellcaster is nothing compared to the power available in a great ancient forest or the heartfelt devotion of hundreds of true believers. Realm magic is a special type of magic that are available only to regent spellcasters; without the power provided by a character's regency, a realm spell would fail completely. The spectacular results generated by tapping into these sources of power are realm spells.
Realm spells can only be cast from a province in which the regent spellcaster has a temple holding (divine), source holding (arcane), or some other connection to extensive power. By acting as a conduit for this power, the regent spellcaster can achieve results far greater than those that can be achieved through normal spellcraft. The preparations for channeling these great powers are lengthy and involved; a domain action (one full month of effort) is required to cast a realm spell.
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