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In general, all of the weapons, armor, and equipment in the Player’s Handbook are available somewhere in Cerilia. However, not all equipment is available everywhere. For example, only Khinasi have a preference for curved two-handed swords, so falchions are typically sold only in Khinasi cities. The following tables list the availability of arms, armor, and mounts in each Cerilian culture. If a desired item isn't available in a character's region, the character must travel to that locale, or locate an importer or trader who deals in the item. Imported items, if available at all, demand a premium price. Masterwork quality items can almost never be found for sale outside of their region of common availability.

The tables below do not necessarily indicate that a race lacks the technology necessary to create item unavailable in their region. The Brecht, for example, certainly have the necessary skill in working iron and steel to create suits of chainmail. There is not, however, much demand for chainmail in Brechtür. Thus, the average Brecht armorsmith does not have significant knowledge of the techniques necessary to create a suit of chainmail. Some items, on the other hand, are simply beyond the technology of some regions. When considering if an item is beyond the technology of the region, use rough historical guidelines. Anuire, Brechtür, Khinasi, elves, and dwarves are technologically equivalent to the historical Renaissance cultures. The Rjurik and orogs have Middle Ages technology. The Vos, goblinoids, gnolls, and most other humanoid races possess Dark Ages technology.

Arms and armor of relatively simple design that are not listed below are generally available everywhere. Complex, unusual, or exotic arms and armor are generally not available anywhere in Cerilia unless listed below. For example, many of the exotic weapons listed in the Player’s Handbook are not generally available anywhere in Cerilia, including: hand crossbow, repeating crossbow, shuriken, gnome hooked hammer, orc double axe, kama, nunchaku, siangham, and spiked chain.

The cultures considered in the tables below (and their abbreviations) are Anuire (An), Brechtür (Br), Khinasi (Kh), Rjurik (Rj), Dwarf (Dw), Elf, and Gb (Goblinoid). Some cultures have equipment which is functionally similar to a standard item listed in the Player’s Handbook, but have local names. The cultural names are listed in italics, along with the culture(s) that refer to the item by the listed variant name. Some characteristic Cerilian weapons are not presented in the Player's Handbook. These items are listed in the following section.

Cutlass : The cutlass is a short, heavy, slightly curved single-edged blade with a basket hilt. The cutlass is useful for both stabbing and slashing. It is popular with many sailors. Its heavy basket hilt gives the wielder a +2 circumstance bonus on any checks to resist being disarmed. Game statistics: small-sized martial melee weapon, damage 1d6 slashing and piercing, crit. 19-20/x2, cost 15 gp, weight 3 lb.

Main-gauche : This basket-hilted long dagger is commonly used as an off-hand weapon by warriors trained in the Brecht style of personal combat. This parrying dagger provides an additional +1 shield bonus to AC when you choose to fight defensively or use the Two Weapon Defense feat. This bonus does not apply if the main-gauche is used to attack. Game statistics: small-sized martial melee weapon, damage 1d4 piercing, crit. 19-20/x2, cost 3 gp, weight 2 lb.

Saber : Khinasi cavalrymen favor the saber. The saber is a long heavy sword specialized for the long cuts used in mounted combat. Its slightly curved, heavy blade puts more weight behind the swing than the lighter blade of a scimitar. The Vos have adapted a heaver version of this long curved sword that is heavier than the Khinasi version, but no less effective. You gain a +1 circumstance bonus on your attack rolls when you use a saber while mounted. Game statistics: medium-size martial melee weapon, damage 1d8 slashing and piercing, crit. 19-20/x2, cost 20 gp, weight 4 lb.

Warspear, Vos : A long pine haft topped by a barbed metal head, the Vos war spear looks, to the untrained eye, like an oversized version of an Anuirean or Khinasi cavalry spear. The backward pointing barbs of this spear are designed to embed deeply in flesh, causing the Vos war spear to inflict cruel hits. In the hands of a trained warrior, the warspear is extremely versatile can be as either a lance (when mounted) or as a spear (afoot). Like a lance, this exotic weapon inflicts double damage when used from the back of a charging mount. Like a spear, this weapon can be readied to set against a charge.

A Vos warspear is too large to use in one hand without special training; thus, it is an exotic weapon. A Medium-sized character can use a warspear two-handed as a martial weapon, or a Large creature can use it one-handed in the same way.

Game statistics: medium-sized exotic weapon, damage 2d4 piercing and slashing, crit. x4, cost 20 gp, weight 15 lb.

Varsk : The cold wilderness of Vosgaard is home to the varsk, a variety of white-furred giant lizard domesticated by the Vos. The weather and poor forage of lands make it difficult for the Vos to keep horses, but varsks are adapted to cold weather and can go for as long as two weeks with minimal food. A varsk costs about 250gp, although an outstanding animal might fetch twice that price. They are normally only available in Vosgaard, as they don't fare well in warmer climates and don't get along well with horses or other domesticated animals. They are well adapted to moving over snow and ice and ignore movement penalties in such terrain.

[top]Equipment Availability by Race/culture

Table 1-10: new Weapons

Weapon Category Size Cost Damage Critical Range Inc. Weight Type
Cutlass* Martial Small 15 gp 1d6 19-20/x2 -- 3 lb. Slashing and piercing
Main-gauche* Martial Small 3 gp 1d4 19-20/x2 -- 2 lb. Piercing
Saber* Martial Medium 20 gp 1d8 19-20/x2 -- 4 lb. Slashing and piercing
Warspear* Exotic Medium 20 gp 2d4 x4 -- 15 lb. Piercing and slashing

* See the description of this item for special rules.

Table 1-11: Melee weapon availability

Item Availability
Bastard sword An, Vs
Cutlass An, Br, Kh
Falchion Kh
Flail, all An, Br, Vs, Dw
Glaive An, Kh
Greatsword (Claymore) An, Rj, Br
Guisarme An
Halberd An, Kh, Br, Vs
Longspear (Pike) An, Br, Rj
Longsword (Broadsword) An , Br, Rj, Vs
Main-gauche Br
Pick, all An, Br, Dw
Ranseur An
Rapier An, Br
Saber Kh, Vs
Scimitar Kh
Trident (Harpoon) Br, Rj
Urgrosh, dwarven Dw
Waraxe, dwarven Dw
Warspear Vs

Table 1-12: Ranged weapon availability

Item Availability
Crossbow, light An, Br, Kh, Dw
Crossbow, heavy An, Br, Dw
Javelin Kh, Vs, Elf
Longbow Rj, An, Elf
Longbow, composite Kh
Shortbow All
Shortbow, composite Vs, Kh

Table 1-13: Armor availability

Item Availability
Padded armor All
Leather armor All
Studded leather All
Chain shirt An, Elf
Hide Vo, Gb
Scale mail (Imp. Mail) An, Br, Kh, Rj
Chainmail An, Rj, Kh, Vo, Dw, Elf, Gb
Breastplate An
Splint mail Kh
Banded mail An, Br, Vs, Or
Half-plate An, Br, Vs, Elf, Dw
Full plate An, Dw
Shield, buckler An, Kh, Br
Shield, large or small, wooden or steel All
Shield, tower Rj, Vs
Armor spikes Vs
Gauntlet, locked None
Shield spikes Kh, Vs

Table 1-14: Mount availability

Item Availability
Horse, heavy All
Horse, light All
Pony All
Warhorse, heavy An
Warhorse, light An, Kh, Elf
Warpony None
Varsk (giant war lizard) Vs

Table 1-15: Item availability

Item Availability
Lock, average An, Br, Kh, Rj, Elf
Lock, good An, Br, Kh, Elf, Dw
Lock, amazing Dw
Rope, Silk Kh
Spyglass Br, Kh
Alchemical Lab Kh
Waterclock Dw
Acid (flask) Kh, Dw
Alchemist’s fire (flask) An, Br, Kh
Antitoxin (vial) Br, Elf
Holy water An, Br, Kh, Dw
Smokestick Kh
Sunrod None
Tanglefoot bag None
Thunderstone None
Tindertwig Kh

Table 1-16: material availability

Item Availability
Adamantine (Moraskorr) Dw
Mithral Elf
Darkwood Elf

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